Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birthday weekend!!!

Well I'm a little behind on my blogging but that's because I've been so damn busy. Too much work and not enough play but last weekend I went away just to play. A friend of mine named Andrew Harris is taking a shot at the CFL. He still has one year left in junior but hes a very gifted and talented player and the BC Lions know this. Well he was invited to rookie camp and after that he was invited to main camp.

I went over on thursday for 4 days of hanging around football practice and also visiting with Jodi, Joan and the kids M & M. Also Scott was there as he is moving in while he is renovating his place in Chilliwack. Anyways I left thursday morning driving to Departure Bay in Nanaimo to catch the 12:30 ferry. When I got there I was informed that the ferry was full but that the Duke point 12:45 ferry still had room. I had to race there which is just outside the south end of Nanaimo. I made it and was in the last 20 cars loaded. The fun started when I got to the other side because I don't know Twassen at all and got lost and ended up at the USA border crossing. I zipped around and after asking directions a couple times I was in Abbotsford but then I needed directions to the practice field. A guy in a brand new charger got me to follow him then at a stop light he got out and told me to turn left then right and I did and there were the BC Lions out on the field. It didn't take me long to find #33 and I also talked to coach Snoop of the VI Raiders. After the practice Andrew came over and chatted with me but then had to go to the training room for a rub down and an ice bath.

I went to the Friday morning practice and got to hang out with Andrew but after the later practice was canceled I went back to Jodi's and helped by cutting the lawn. We had a BBQ for my birthday and no cake because I'm not eating junk food but I did have some sherbert ice cream. The weather the whole weekend was amazing and I got quite brown/red. We watched some TV then it was off to bed and another early rise to go to practice.

After the first practice they had a kids camp and I hung out and took photos of Andrew helping out. Then I went for a drive and almost got lost then found a park that had a trail around a lake and went for a walk. I took many pictures on the walk. In total I probably took about 1500 photos in 4 days. I won't just bore you with the story I will add some photos. I stopped and bought a BC Lions hat which I got Andrew to sign and I told him if he plays this year I will buy a jersey with #33 on it. Now I'm not changing to a BC Lions fan I'm just an Andrew Harris fan although I feel Hamilton hasn't done anything in more than a few years to keep me or any other fan of theirs happy.

I went to practice again took many photos and hung out with Andrew and some of the other players then headed back to Jodi's. Her and Scott ended up getting pizza as they were back late from moving Scot's stuff. Jodi made a great breakfast Sunday morning then I said my goodbyes and was off to a different field to watch scrimmage and fan day festivities. The BC Lions make a huge deal out of it and had more than 3000 fans out to watch. I met Andrews aunt and uncle and chatted with them a while. Then I found Andrew and we wandered around so he could check things out. He had to stop every 30 seconds to sign an autograph. It was pretty cool to watch. Andrew got in for about 6 plays while I was there and 3 were to him. He must have got in after I left because he had some more receptions and carries but I had to get back to the island and my wife.

It was nice to get away but I wish Patty had come over and met me. Except that she doesn't like football but there was lots of time to do other things. Especially get lost!


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