Sunday, July 26, 2009

White Lightning

It was another gorgeous day in Paradise with a bright sunny sky and temp in the high 20's. Patty and I took a trip to Langford but for different reasons. Patty went to Adam and Mary's to take care of the cats while they are away and to do some tidying up and I on the other hand went to the new stadium to watch and take photos of some football. They held a round robin between Surry Rams, Victoria Rebels and the V.I.Raiders. I was able to watch part of two games both with Surrey in them first against the Raiders then against the Rebels. The Raiders and Rebels both look like they are in good shape for the start of the season next weekend.

After we got home we rested for about an hour then it was of to cousin Scott and Angie's for a BBQ birthday get together for Scott. The temp had dropped a few degrees but it was still nice out and there was a nice breeze that blew in some unexpected but much needed rain clouds. The rain never amounted to much but for the first time I got to see lightning on the island. We stayed at Scott and Angie's for a couple hours eating good food and talking to lots of nice people. Angie had made enough to feed an army and man was it good. We ended up bringing some home for the boys who greatly appreciated it. We dropped Aunt Gladys off and offered to take her out to the Rock Cod Cafe for supper tonight. At 90 she is still doing pretty well and still gets around pretty good.

After we got home Patty the boys and I went outside and sat on the porch watching the lightning. It was raining but not very much or not very hard just enough to tease the grass. I ended up sitting out by myself for a bit after the others had gone in and just layed back to relax and let the rain fall on my face. Patty got up around 2:30 am and looked outside and the ground was already dry. Today is another hot and sunny day so I'm relaxing in the cool basement drinking lemonade for a bit longer then its off to pick up Aunt Gladys and go to Cow Bay for supper!


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