Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well the weather has been crazy hot here for quite a while. Lots of big forest fires on the mainland but so far so good on the island. Tomorrow in Kamloops its supposed to hit 38C but here it will be in the high 20's. This weather is exactly how it was my first year on the island. We are in need of some rain.

Had a nice chat with Jean on Sunday. I had called and left a msg because she is so hard to get a hold of. Very busy person. Her and Joan are going to Cuba in a couple weeks with some friends. She also informed me that Brandy was put down recently as she was having a hard time walking and climbing stairs. For a beagle Brandy was a good dog and I really liked her. Dad had picked her out of the litter. Jean asked me how everyone was doing and I was filling her in. She asked about each and every one of us. When I told her the latest she cried a bit and said dad wouldn't have liked that but I told her it was coming for a while and that I'm ok with it. She was looking forward to meeting Patty this summer but I told her we will have to make it for next year.

I hope the rest of us stay close and can put things aside if there are things. I heard Rob went to see Annette last week and they had a nice chat over coffee. Annette is coming out here on August 22 and hopefully Terry will make it out in the fall after her newest grandson is born. I told Jean her and Joan are welcome to come out whenever they want. They still have season tickets for the Ti-Cats and we discussed the second win in a row for the cats. Its early but they are giving us hope for a half decent season. The V I Raiders start soon and have an exhibition game in Langford Saturday. We can go visit Gwen then I can shoot over to the stadium for a couple hours to check it out.


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