Sunday, August 23, 2009

Annettes consolation visit day 1

Well Annette arrived in BC safe and sound yesterday and it was a beautiful day in paradise. Sun was shinning and it was very warm out but not too hot like they've had in Ontario recently. We made a stop on the way home at a lookout from a mountain top where you could see the ocean, mountains and the airport that we had left about half an hour ago. We took Annette to our place so she could settle in then it was off to Cow bay for dinner at the Rock Cod Cafe! Its the best place for fish and chips that I've been to on the island or anywhere else for that matter. Today we are off to Coombs Parksville and who knows where else we might end up. Sounds like they are all ready to go so I better get a move on.

Taras wedding was yesterday and I'm sure it was a beautiful event in Muskoka. Tara must have been proud that Trudy's brothers were able to make it out and that her dads brother was there to enjoy the day. Not bad when you get 1/4 of your family out to a nice social family gathering like a wedding. But I'm sure since he had control of the invitation list that he would have made sure that only the people that liked him and that he liked were sent an invitation. I'm sure people that know Karl has a big family would have been wondering why so many of them were not there on this special occasion and if asked I'm sure he will have a good reason that he has made up in his own mind.

I'm sorry for the other family members that have been put in the middle of this. They are being used on facebook to get through to other family members. Its bad enough that they have been used and I replied back apologizing but still ended up using them and I'm sorry but when someone replies back and admits they are using them to get to others how does that make them feel. People talking about being sincere really show how sincere they are when they can easily use someone like that and admit it.


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