Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Annettes consolation visit day 3

Yesterday Patty had to work so Ben Annette and I spent the day together. We drove up to Chemainus to walk around the town to look at the wall murals. It was another bright sunny day in Paradise! We spent a couple lazy hours walking around doing the tourist thing then stopped for ice cream before heading back to Duncan and the North West Raptors center. Annette really liked the flying demonstration and fell in love with the owls. Elton a fan favorite was grounded because the last few shows he was too lazy to fly. He did do a little dance for us in his cage. I like the Eagle Manwe but he only flew in the first show and the other eagle was off getting busy trying to make more eagles so was too busy to fly. On the way home we stopped at Walleys and picked up stuff for a BBQ. Patty got home and we sat outside at the bbq then went inside to watch a movie and eat.

Today was a lazy day for us. We went to Walleys to meet Aunty Irene then shopped for supper and then hung out with Al and Nina till Patty got home then we went out for supper. Now we are heading upstairs to watch a movie and eat chocolate. Tomorrow we got some whales to tend too!


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