Monday, August 24, 2009

Annettes consolation visit day 2

Well another beautiful day in paradise. Nice sunny warm day to drive up island. We started off with a stop at Tim Hortons and then headed north to Coombs. Coombs is a small market in a small town that has lots of unique shops and a roof top full of goats. The goats actually live on the roof during the summer. We walked/shopped for a couple hours and picked a little something up for the new baby that will be arriving in the family shortly. We are anxiously waiting for a call from Terry to let us know when her new grandson has joined us.

We left Coombs and drove up to Cathedral Grove where they have some trees that are a little bigger than ones you might see in Ontario. The place is very busy but we lucked into a parking spot right in front. There is a nice even trail that winds itself through the rain forest with signs pointing out and explaining points of interest. We even stopped and hugged a tree or two.

Next it was off to Parksville to see the beautiful beach and the sand castles from the competition last weekend. They are left up in a fenced in area so visitors can go in and see them and put in a vote for the one they like the most for a fan favorite award. Some of them had partial damage from kids throwing stones over the fence. For the most part they were untouched but a couple had the towers knocked down.

Next it was off to Nanaimo and a walk along the water front. Its the first time in a year that Patty and I had been back and there are lots of improvements and the construction of the condos is almost done and it looks like people could be living in them. Great location over looking the pier. It was getting late so we decided to head home to relax and order some pizza. Patty is working today so Annette Ben and I are heading out and will join up with Patty later.

I will keep updating as I know how much people are interested. I had 9 hits on my web site by 9:00am my time and 4 were from Gravenhurst! Thanks for stopping by Bill and who ever else that might happen by!


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