Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poor Albert!

Albert for those of you that don't know, is my wife Patty's oldest son. He works as a LP loss prevention person at different stores on the island. Well Sunday while he was working at a store in Mill Bay an off duty cop arrested Al for stealing. Now the cop tells Al he saw him pocket something and he was under arrest. First off they are still in the store and do not go outside. Al tells the cop who he is and shows him his license. The cop really doesn't care and wants Al to empty his pockets in the middle of the store. Al offers to take him to the office but the cop says no. Al says you sure you want to do it right here and the cop says yes. So Al in front of the customers and store employees does as the cop has asked and even removes his hoody. Al has nothing in his pockets. The cop swears he saw Al take something. Now Al has taken a couple courses for his job and has to abide by all the rules the cops have too. Its not stealing till they have left the store and Al must be 110% sure he has seen the person take something. He's told he could be sued if he makes a false arrest. So Al is let go since he has nothing but his cover has been blown and he can't work in that store anymore. Plus he was embarrassed in front of all the employees and customers that got to watch this.

Al calls his boss and he tells Al he will look into this. Al decides to go to the local police station and talk to a supervisor. Now the supervisor tells Al that the cop had every right to do what he did and now says that someone else said they seen Al take something and that's why the cop did what he did but was protecting the witness. He also told Al that they go by different rules so can do what they did. The cop was off duty in cicilian clothes so whos going to know hes a cop? Al explains that hes lost the job in that store and how embarrassed he was but other than a well I'm sorry nothing is done. I think Al should talk to a lawyer. He should be able to sue the cop or something. If nothing else the lawyer will tell Al what rights he has and whether or not there is anything that can be done. Al is told he can be sued for a false arrest why can't the cop be?

Now I'm not saying that because Al is an LP that he can't be questioned if the cop thought he had taken something but they should have gone to an office and done this in private. If you are a dishonest person than an LP would be a good job because who would suspect you and you know where the cameras are. One thing I know is that Al is an honest person and didn't deserve to be treated like this.


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