Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well I could title every blog after the weekend "busy weekend" because they are. But even tho they are busy they might not be very exciting to read about so I don't write about it. I worked late friday as usual and Patty and I slept in(wink) Saturday morning and then I got up and showered and went and got some Timmy's for every one. Then it was time for football! The VI Raiders are in first place with no losses so far. They've played the other 2 top teams once each and have come away with a victory. They get next weekend off then Victoria comes a calling. I just sent a couple photos off to the Chilliwack Times and one should make it into their next paper.

After the football game it was off to the Chemainus Legion for karaoke with Aunty Irene and Claire and Uncle Jim as well as about 8 other Karaoke nuts I've met over the past few years. We listened to a lot pf people destroy a lot of songs and a few good singers that made it worth going. I spent most of the night playing video Texas Holdem and Keno as well as buying those pull tab cards. After 2 and a half hours I walked away down only 5 bucks.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day for me and Patty did some cleaning as our grand daughter was paying us a visit. I love getting to see her and how big shes getting. She's walking all the time now. She came to me no shyness this time and I got a kiss and a hug. I told Patty to bring her over to Walmart while I'm working and I'll buy her some toys to put in the toy box we are working on for her visits. Well apparently Gwen picked out something for her birthday which is a month away. She knows Grandma and Papa are going to spoil her! I had picked something up a little while ago which shes a little too small for yet so this other gift she can use till she grows into the other.

Gwen was wearing one of the outfits that Annette had brought out here on her visit from her and Terry but being a guy I don't know which one but it was very cute on her. I guess because I was at work there were no pictures taken ???? LOL

Also Mandy you are very welcome for the items we sent for the kids. I'm glad they liked them. I hope Emily gets her turn to play with it when the bigger kids are not around. I was looking for one of those cans that made the goat noise so Annette could play it as she entered your place LOL. But if it had been a real goat Annette probably would have dropped it off as soon as her plane had landed.

Oh one last thing....
Ben bought the Beatles Rock Band game and has been playing it steady. I had it upstairs this morning and played half a dozen songs on it. The graphics are pretty good and the music would sound a lot better if I didn't screw up so much and I'm playing on easy mode!


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