Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Congrats Mandy, Jr, Jordan and Emily!!!

Well the last week was a very quiet one around here with just a whole lot of working going on. No touristy things for us. Annette is safe and sound at home and has made a new best friend with Patty. Even if there is not a wedding next summer we are going to try our best to go to Ontario.

Labour day weekend was a pretty quiet one. Football in Nanaimo where the Raiders squeaked out a good victory against the Sun. Andrew Harris was sidelined with an injury he suffered from a dirty play vs Victoria. Victoria is the dirtiest team I've seen play and nothing changes from year to year. They even brought a guy back who had moved away and is their dirtiest player to keep the trend going. This guy had tried out with Nanaimo because he wanted to play with champions but they didn't like his play so they released him and he jumped on the bus to Victoria. Can't make the best team so might as well go play for a third or fourth ranked team.

The Labour Day Classic was great game this year. Hamilton played a pretty good game all around in front of a sold out crowd at Never Win Stadium. 5-4 this year so far way to go guys!!!

Well now for the title of this here blog. Finally young mr Griffin decided he would join his siblings and make his appearance on labour day but only after mom (Mandy) had to go to the hospital to be induced. I think Griffin was enjoying swimming around inside his mom. Maybe he will be an olympic swimmer one day? Jordan and Emily are enjoying there little brother now that he has finally showed up. Congrats to them all and also to proud Grandma Alice! Griffin is one lucky boy because from what I've seen he couldn't get a better mom than Mandy!

(thanks for the photos Alice!!!)


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