Saturday, August 29, 2009

Annettes consolation visit day 6

Yesterday was a lazy day again so we went to visit Paul and the family. Paul, Dimples, Lelaine and Aunt Gladys were there and Angie dropped by for a quick hello. We sat and talked for a couple hours and it was a lot of fun. Then we mentioned we were going to check out some falls and he asked if he could come along because we were having such a nice visit. We talked Dimples into going as well so we all shot out to check out the falls and have a walk. The time spent with them was better than what the falls had turned out to be but we had seen the sign and had wanted to check them out. When we were leaving Paul asked if he could meet us for coffee before we took Annette to the airport and we said sure. We went on to Lake Cowichan to find a restaurant for dinner and after wards we went home and got Blizzards and put on a movie.

We took lots of pictures at Paul's but not on my camera

Annettes consolation visit day 7

I thought I heard Annette up early but I had just heard her packing in her room. I went down stairs around 7:15 and started watching some of Ted Kennedy's Funeral. Annette finished packing and showered and then came down stairs for a coffee. We chatted for a while then Patty came down stairs. I went down stairs to put some photos I had printed out from the week into a photo album we had got for Annette. Paul showed up so I gave Annette the photo album and told her I left the rest for her to do on the plane. We went out for breakfast and had a blast telling stories from the past. When it was time for us to hit the road we walked out to the car and Paul told Annette to come get her consolation hug from her consolation cousin. He told her he reads my blog and had just got all caught up this morning.

The drive to the airport was pretty good more traffic coming back than what was going in our direction. The airport was quiet and we got a good parking spot. We got Annette all checked in then walked her over to the gate she needed to be at to catch her plane. It was a sad goodbye and we had had lots of fun and said we hope Terry can make it out soon. Mandy hope all is going well with baby G and that he comes soon so you can bring your mom out. If not if you and JR decide to get married next summer like you mentioned you might do Patty and I will be out for it!


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