Thursday, September 10, 2009


When Patty and I first started dating and I got to meet Ben there were two things about him that made me start liking him right away. First was that hes a Johnny Cash fan and second is his birthday is Sept 10th which just happens to be the same as my dad's who is another person that liked Johnny Cash. Too bad that those two things are the only things I like about Ben LMAO.

I'm just kidding I'm sure if I think hard I'd find more about him to like ...... um .......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........uh.... we both like A&W ?

Joking aside Ben and I get along pretty good. We do a lot of what we call bonding where we go some place and get on each others nerves and then he asks Why do you have to be like that and then I ask him the same thing and it goes on and on unless Patty is with us because then we both get on her nerves and we are both scared of her LOL. One look from her and we both head for the basement, me to go on my computer and Ben to get on my nerves some more!

Ben has just started high school because middle school here goes to grade 9 so high school starts at grade 10. Now hes 15 hes going to be bugging to get a job so he can make money but then that causes more work for us because he'll need a drive to and from work. In the end it should be good because he wants to save for a computer and that means he'll get off mine. Every time he uses my computer I get a cloth and wipe it all down. Who knows where he goes and what he does while hes on there....ewwwwwww

Well happy birthday Ben, you share it with some one who meant so much to me and who I think about daily and you mean so little to me and I try to forget you daily but you are a big help to me and I appreciate the things you do around here even though I may not say so or show it but don't let it go to your head!


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