Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ben the Athelete!

Since I switched to graveyards I decided to go watch Ben's Rugby practice after high school. I'm very proud of him because to me Ben is more of a couch potato but then again so am I now. Ben goes out there and gives 100% and other than some aches and pains he doesn't complain. I told him we need to work on his strength and stamina a bit but I do give him a lot of credit especially for his effort. It was even raining all practice and it didn't seem to fizz on him. I hid under cover LOL but only because of my camera. Ben's friend is also on the team. In a couple weeks there is a traveling team from some where over in Europe coming to play and I'm going to go and try shooting it. Rugby is a foreign game to me but watching someone you know might make it easier to watch. Here are a few photos with a couple of his friend thrown in.


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