Tuesday, December 08, 2009

UP date

Working hard and getting ready for Christmas !!! No snow but very VERY cold at night. Not many customers shopping at Wal Mart after midnight but that will change as Christmas gets closer. Friday night Patty and I are going to a Christmas party in Courtenay then Saturday its the family one at Uncle Jim's place. Last one there as he sold the place and they are in the middle of moving. The party in Courtenay is for the management company we work for. They are putting us up in a room for the night which will be nice. A little get away. Our anniversary is coming up, 2 more years till we celebrate in Vegas! I'd like to say I love Patty the same today as when we first got married but I'd be lying .... I love her more and more each day. Patty got her H1N1 vaccine the other day .... her arm where she got the needle hurt the next day but other than that shes fine. Ben got his but haven't heard how his arm is. My Ipod is still fascinating me. Last night during lunch at Wal Mart I was watching some footage of the Victoria secret pageant that will be airing on TV. I also have a virtual dog that I tend too a couple times a day. Its a golden retriever. Very cute pup and hasn't made a mess on the floor or chewed anything up yet! I can also check up on the headlines for Facebook and post comments. Best thing is there is no Farmville on the ipod LOL. Well thats all for now I'll post one or two more times before Christmas. Hope your all healthy and happy and that the weather isn't too bad where your at. Oh and I can check that on my ipod too!!!


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