Sunday, November 01, 2009

Funny thing....

Funny thing happened on my way home from football yesterday. It was a good game and I took over 1000 photos and the Raiders won! Now they will host the Canadian Championship game Nov 14.

I had planned on staying in Nanaimo to see the Olympic torch but heard that it wouldn't be in Nanaimo till a few hours later. I found out Hadi didn't get the torch till 7:30 so I decided I would head home in stead of sticking around another 3 hours. I was a little dissapointed because I did want to see the torch. I called home and told Patty I was on my way and that I wouldn't be getting to see the torch. She told me that they ran the torch right by our house on the way to Cowichan Lake. I couldn't believe it but oh well I like my football. Half way home I decided I would stop in Lady Smith and get us some KFC. Its been a long time since we had ate KFC. As I turned right to get in the KFC driveway there were about 50 people standing there some with Canadian flags. In stead of going through the drive through I got my camera and walked over to the people standing road side and asked if the torch was coming that way. They said it should be there in about 15 minutes. So I stood road side with them talking Olympics and the good and bad of it being in BC. Patty likes the Olympics almost as much as she likes football!

Well first the police show up and then a few big trucks pull up and people jump out pulling out steps on the rigs and opening doors. I then noticed walking down the hill towards us was the guy that was going to be running with the torch and he was stopping and getting his picture taken with kids and the unlit torch. Then they come and get him and take the torch to the truck to light it then they hand it to him and off they go in their own parade! I got a few shots like I had wanted to and then off to KFC to get dinner. The people in KFC didn't get a chance to see it so I showed them the pictures I took while they took my order.

A little while ago I was at Wal Mart picking up some things and ran in to a guy that used to work at Vic Truss. When I told him about the torch he told me that his wife and one other person were picked out of Thrifty store employees to carry the torch. She carries it Monday morning in Qaulicum Beach. Thrifty's also bought the torch for her and the recycled t shirts they sell commemorating being a torch bearer. I think that's awesome!


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