Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well surgery is done now its just the recovering. I was supposed to go it for 10am but I got a call around 7:30 asking if I could be in by 8:30 and I said sure. Earlier in earlier out right? Well by the time they took me in it was almost 10 then you get changed do some tests sign some forms then wait. Good thing I had my Ipod!!! I'm laying there starving and there is lots of noise but the blankets were warm. After about 2 hours I asked for another one and within half an hour after that I had 3 more that I can remember and I was wisked away to the operating room.

They ask questions do a couple tests then in you go and they are discussing what they are going to be doing and who is going to be doing what and I'm thinking good for you now get to it. Then you have to transfer beds and the operating table isn't that comfortable but to be honest your not awake long enough to care LOL. They are explaning now I'm going to be putting an I.V. in your arm and your going to start feeling relaxed and the room might spin or seem I'm going to be putting in some ..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz gonzo!! I do know that one thing I remembered thinking when they get your arms stretched out where the put in the I.V. and put on the test equipment is that it reminded me of the tables they strap down inmates before giving them the lethal injection. Only I wasn't strapped down .... I don't think LOL.

They said its stuff so you don't remember what they do to you which I'm not sure is a good thing since your back side is exposed to all of them. I had my underwear on and they were not on backwards when I woke up but they were riding a little lower than I normally wear them hmmmmm. Besides I told them my memory isn't that great anyways. Good thing nothing below the belt feels sore LOL

I did notice that they were all wearing different colour hats with different designs. They said its the only part of the uniform they can change. The drab colour green pants and tops have to stay. There were Canada flags, teddy bears, firetrucks, flowers and flames. One Dr did show me he was wearing different colour booties but that was right before I konked out.

Waking up is real strange cause your in a totally different room with a group of strangers patients and nurses and people come over asking you questions and doing tests and I think they are testing your memory so they know if you remember anything that might have happened in the last room. One nurse said excuse me mam and I thought she was talking to me so I said uh oh I think I got the wrong operation so I lifted the blanket and didn't have bigger boobs and wasn't missing anything down below pheeeeeewwww. I was a little unnerved when I overheard a nurse on the phone saying she was stuck in this room and I said I hope you all don't feel like that cause I want to be looked after by someone who cares and wants to be there to take care of me. The nurse was quick to say it wasn't that but she was supposed to be somewhere else but until another nurse returned from break she had to stay to keep the quota. I felt a bit better I guess.

Next thing you know a person comes in and your flying down a hallway back to the first room you were in (after the waiting room). Within a couple minutes Tammy was there to pick me up and of course took a couple photos cause I looked my best. They had given me some pain medicine before taking the I.V. out morphine from what I was told and I was feeling no pain. Got dressed and off to WalMart to get a prescription. filled. Feeling no pain and driving a motorized cart terrorizing anyone who dared to step in my way. Half hour wait for a prescription turned out to be an hour and a half by the time we got out. Ended up shopping for supper and had some McNuggets and a McFlurry while tooling around.

Got home and Ben was all over anything I wanted. I bet by today it will be different LOL. Albert called to see how I was and Patty came in shortly after. Let the T.L.C. begin LOL. Was a nice quiet evening being waited on and watching the opening ceremony for the Vancouver Olympics!!

Can't mention that without thinking of the tragedy that happened earlier in the day with the luge guy from Gerorgia. What a tragedy! I think if it had been a race there would have been a lot of people standing in there and it might have saved his life although he'd be in bad shape and so would others. If not they better have a screen up there to keep people from flying out or stop those races. Give a lot of credit for his fellow countrymen for hanging in there under this tough circumstance. It won't be easy for them.

Well the pain I didn't feel last night I'm feeling now so I'm going to rest for a bit after Patty and I start the stew. She was just down talking to me telling me I should be resting but I had to do my farm! LOL

Will post the phone pictures in a bit.
Thanks for the well wishes everyone!


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