Tuesday, February 02, 2010

First off I want to say welcome to Nina who is here on a visit to see her new family again. I like when shes here because she makes Albert a better person LOL. She keeps him in line pretty good. Shes here for a month and then if all works out Albert will be going to the Navy to prepare for Nina to come live in Canada. If that doesn't work out hes going to Alberta to live at his dads and make big bucks to get out of debt then will apply to move to Finland. Depends on Canada Immigration.

This past weekend we didn't do too much. Sunday we went down to Langford to see Gwen and Adam and I built their new bed from IKEA. Adam went to work and I finished it off with help from Mary and Patty then we all went out to lunch. After lunch we took Gwen to the Pet store and Grandma and Papa bought her a goldfish. We had picked up a little tank for her a week ago. It was fun running around the pet store looking at all the animals. Gwen was so excited to see all the dogs walking around in the store.

Annette had her surgery Friday and as far as I know shes still in the hospital. Robert and Terry and Mandy were out to see her. I talked to her online and will call her when shes home.

I get my surgery a week Friday the start of the Olympics. I will lay around and watch as much as I can cheering on team Canada. I was out looking at the new hockey jerseys and was trying to decide which one to buy Gwen a team Canada jersey or a Canucks jersey. I'll decide by the weekend. I do like the new team Canada one! Shes so funny cause she gets so excited to see me calling papa papa but then when I go to her she plays shy. Once I grab her and pick her up shes fine.

I heard some news the other day and all I can say is it made me sad and my thoughts and prayers go out to them!


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