Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not much exciting recently. We had a pretty layed back weekend. Patty and I went out for lunch both days then rented a shaw movie Saturday night. Sunday we went to Wal Mart then rented a couple movies from Blockbusters. I had to finish installing a dishwasher in another unit. I've done them in other units and it was pretty easy but this one was tougher. Just enough hose nothing to spare then tight quarters for getting the wrench in to tighten it up but its finally done. We are getting a new saw at Vic Truss which should be interesting. A better version of a saw we got 2 years ago that has a lot of issues. This new saw was designed by a different company that bought the other saw then made their own version correcting everything they didn't like about the older saw. Starting to install today. Boss asked if I felt like it I could go in Thursday Friday to see it run and learn it. I'm off this week to get the hump on my back removed. Apparently I've had it a while and never knew it but in the last few months its grown quite a bit that it causes neck and shoulder pain. Should be a piece of cake. I went and got an eye exam yesterday cause some days I think my vision is getting worse. He said they still pass for driving and that the right eye didn't heal as good as the left had after Lasik surgery about 10 years ago. I did get an infection and almost lost it. Its the better vision wise of the two.

I did get out Saturday night to see a hockey game in town. Got to see Paul and Lelaine as they are regulars. He asked about everyone in Ontario. I should go see aunt Glady's soon.

Well off to shower then to the hospital will post after pictures when I get them!


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