Monday, February 08, 2010

Well Saturday was Patty's birthday and it started off with me going out to get coffee and breakfast for everyone. I had already bought something for Patty 2 weeks before that was supposed to be her birthday gift but I had to do something on her birthday for her. It was supposed to be a surprise but she had kind of figured it out cause she knows me so well. There is a play in Chemainus about the life of Patsy cline with an amazing singer that does 20 of her songs in the show. I could only get the matinee that day and I also got the buffet lunch that goes with it. There was a slight problem that we found out soon after arriving at the Chemainus theater. The lead actress was ill and they couldn't get an understudy for that day so the shows were canceled but we decided to have the meal that day and book the show another day. The meal is awesome!!! Lots to choose from and cooked to perfection. Ribs, salmon, chicken potatoes salads and tons of deserts. Lets just say I got my moneys worth LOL. We walked around town after lunch and bought some lottery tickets for the big draw Friday. Then we went home and had a relaxing evening.

Sunday we got up and had to go to Langford to pick up Patty's phone at her sons place so we decided to go for a drive through Sooke. We had been out that way a couple times last year but we drove further up the road this time. The weather leaving Langford was dull and grey but when we got through Sooke it was bright and sunny. There is not much out there but beautiful scenery and the ocean so it was a nice drive. We stopped at a parking spot along the ocean to go for a walk and saw a bunch of sufers. First time I've seen them out on the water. It was fun to watch and I tried to take some photos but the sun was right in my face so they are not that great but I wanted to share them with you any ways. I hope to go back soon and try and find an angle where I can take better pictures. On the way back home we stopped at Boston Pizza where Patty treated me to dinner. Then it was home to the family where I managed to get a cat nap in before bed. All in all it was a good weekend.

I got a msg from Tyler that Annette is still in hospital and has shown signs of improvement but still not able to leave. She probably hates it cause shes so used to being busy and waiting on her family. Now its their turn to return the favour to their mom! I wish she had a phone in her room cause Patty and I would love to be able to talk to her. Get well soon Annette!!!


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