Saturday, March 06, 2010

Well today I finally got caught up with my birthday presents for Patty and I must say she probably likes this one the best. One of the first presents I got for Patty was Jack our gay kitty cat. When it was a kitten it was so nice and really loved her but it grew up to be gay and is now in love with me. Its turned into my gay cat.

The next year I got her Bart who has turned into a nice cat and it likes her as much as it likes anyone but prefers to be left alone. The only time he shows love is when it has to do with food.

Last year I decided to change it up a bit. I told Patty I would buy her a tattoo since she had said she always wanted one. We had checked into a couple different artists and hadn't found one but then we heard of Primal Urge in town. We tried to get into see him a couple times but always seemed to show up when he wasn't in. Well Al and Nina went and got a tattoo a few weeks ago at this place so Patty said she wanted it done by him. I went in and booked it and today was the day.

Patty had always said that she gave birth to 3 kids and that Albert was born with a huge head so she could handle anything. The guy tattooing was hilarious! Me him and Albert were talking and joking and Patty had to try to not laugh cause she wanted straight lines and not jiggly because of laughing. She said it didn't hurt at all and that she probably would have fallen to sleep except that we were joking so much.

Well you know me I just happened to have a camera with me and took a couple shots to share with you. The story behind this tattoo is that Aunty Irene is an artist (so is Patty's mom) so Patty had aunty draw a celtic dragonfly because of her heritage and the fact that she likes dragonflies! Then I took it and dropped it off at the tattoo parlor and today she got it put on her back. Now she is planning her next tattoo. I'm waiting for him to draw up the dragon tattoo my dad had on his arm and hope to have it on by the summer. I told him I want it at close to the original as he could get but it won't be easy because its faded so much and the photo isn't that great. Then I found a celtic shamrock that I want to do with moms name on it. Of course photos will be posted.


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