Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunday Patty, Ben and I drove down to Goldstream park to meet Mary and Gwen to have a picnic. Yes that's right a picnic. It was a nice sunny day and we wanted to get some fresh air. The park is in the mountains and it was late in the day so it had started getting cool but we went for a nice walk and then sat and had a little lunch. Gwen was having a ball with her uncle Ben. As usual I had my camera so I took one or two photos which I've decided to share on here. I can't believe how many words Gwen can say and so clearly. There are a few that I'm not sure of but for the most part she speaks very clearly. Last year we went to the park and she had to be carried because she was so little but now she just loves to walk and run on her own. We saw some eagles, some spiders, some ravens and lots of dogs! If the weather is nice this Saturday maybe we will go to another park for a picnic. I love Vancouver Island even in the winter!!


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