Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well it's a quiet week here not much going on. Ben is at Aunties for a couple days (Spring break) and Al is busy getting ready for the Navy. He leaves Saturday. Patty is in Langford baby sitting and I'm on the computer after getting home from fixing a flat tire. I had to take it off and take it to Wal Mart to get it repaired. While I was there I noticed that we had got snow on Mount Prevost this morning. It's nice and sunny here but a little cool.

The past couple days I've been working on the lawn tractor trying to get it running. Last week I bought a battery and this week I changed the plug and filter and cleaned the coil. Getting spark and gas so now I'm going to change the gas cause its from last fall. If the battery hadn't died I probably would have started it once in a while over the winter. I have cut some of the grass with the push mower and might have to do more with it unless I get the lawn tractor running soon.

Next week I'm going to get a pressure washer and clean the parking lot and out front then sometime after that I will have to paint new lines for parking. I also have a few items I need to look into that I keep forgetting for some tenants.

This weekend Gwen is coming to stay with us while her parents go off skiing and spa'ing. This will be the first time so not sure how it will go. She loves grandma and Ben so that will help but she won't be sleeping in her normal bed and that might be a problem. I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with her. I bought her a plastic train and a Thomas the train coloring book. She loves choo choo's! Also I hope the weather is nice so we can get outside and play. I'm not saying she doesn't love Papa but it takes a bit of time since I don't see her much. I'm sure I'll have one or two photos to post on here!


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