Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not much to blog about this week. Pretty quiet around her now. Got off work early Friday and Patty wasn't feeling well. She went to bed and I went out at midnight to pick up her copy of new moon. We slept in a bit then got up and watched it. Wasn't too bad but needs a bit more nudity in it. Forget topless guys lets see topless women vampires in it. The movie is great for woman but if you want to double your sales add a little sex and nudity then guys will flock to the theater with their women. I'm just saying.... LOL

Saturday night we actually went out for a few hours. Our friend Tammy invited us out to music trivia at a bar. If it wasn't for her good friend we would have sucked. That guy knew his music trivia and especially the 80's. Patty had a few beers which was good to see. Normally one is her limit. We all had a great time. Denesha stayed with Ben and Ben was a good sport and watched New Moon with Nessa. They also played some Wii. As a joke Ben hung a sock on the door handle to warn us LOL He knows Tammy would KILL him if he touched her little princess. Tammy is waiting till the end of the school year then is heading back to Manitoba to be with her family. Good luck with that!!! LOL

Sunday was another boring day. Patty made us french toast for breakfast and Nessa and Ben played Wii. I went to work at the Wal Mart photo lab for the first time since November. Tammy came over and they went out for lunch.

Looking seriously into getting my bus license. A place in Vic is hiring and will train but I have to get my learners permit. Will do some reading then take the $15.00 test to see how I do. Never know I may squeak a pass. I think I need a change. Started taking happy pills today maybe that's the change I need?

Canucks are doing OK. Luongo not so much. Not sure whats up with him but he doesn't have his game and hasn't had it for a while. Not even in the Olympics he was just very lucky. I was thinking about getting a Canada jersey with his name and number but after his performance not so much now. Hey Tyler maybe I'll get Sid the kids name and number!!!

Love you babe hope you are feeling better soon!


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