Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday I found out that Paul was in the hospital. Scott was here doing some internet connections in a unit next to us. First I had to kick him out of my parking spot LOL. Then he informed me about Paul. Saturday I drove over to visit him. He seemed in pretty good spirits but was a little worried cause they were going to do some exploratory surgery around his bowels and appendix. Apparently he had appendicitis real bad and it had got entangled with his bowels. They cut him open and operated and got everything cleared up by the sounds of things. I went for a visit earlier today but he was getting cleaned up by his wife Dimples. I had offered him a sponge bath yesterday day but he never took me up on it. I told him like the karate kid, wax on and wax off but he said there would be no waxing off with him. His loss LOL Wow did I ever see the Gower side of Paul yesterday. He came out of the washroom dragging his beeping intervenus and a nurse stopped to fix it. Instead of letting him get back to bed she made him stand there. He was rolling his eyes showing his disgust and I could picture dad doing the same thing. He showed very little patience which I'm finding out is a Gower trait!

I'm heading over now for a quick visit then we are going to take aunt Glady's out to the Rock Cod for her birthday. She informed me that she still owes us a lunch but I told her not on her birthday it was our treat. Then when we drop her off Angie is going to take over a cake.


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