Monday, March 29, 2010

Update on Paul

Went to see Paul yesterday in the hospital. Dr told Paul he was very lucky he came in when he did. It was a life threatening health issue. Now the operation is done Paul says he feels better than he has in the last 5 years. When hes back on his feet he wants to get back into jogging and biking which he had given up not having the energy to do. He can't believe how well he feels. Maybe I need that operation but then again I never did like jogging or biking LOL Speedy recovery to you Paul!!

Just got back from baby sitting Gwen for a couple hours. She is such a sweet heart. I didn't think twice when I was asked because I enjoy every second with her. Shes getting bigger and smarter every day. Can't wait till spring when we want to take her to the forestry museum so she can go on a miniature train ride and we can have a picnic in the park. She loves her choo choos!


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