Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It was a pretty quiet long weekend here. Patty had fallen down some stairs a week ago and hurt her tail bone. She has trouble sitting for long periods of time or we would have gone to see Shrek.

Saturday we slept in and then went shopping at a couple places. We went home and I made supper which consisted of Pan fried halibut and sole with some sweet potato fries. Our good friend Tammy came and spent the night cause her daughter was away camping. Tammy and Denesha are moving in for the month of June as they are moving back home to Manitoba to be closer to family. We will miss them but if last night was a sign of what it will be like her this month it's going to get crazy.

Sunday I had to work at Wal-Mart and Patty had supper ready for when I got home. Tammy and Denesha were here but Ben ditched me and went to Aunty's for the night. I tried to stay out of the girls way but they kept dragging me into their ladies night. They did chocolate facials but as Patty discovered it smelt like chocolate but tasted like mud. They couldn't talk me into the facial. Then there was popcorn, brown cows and a chick flick. I did let Tammy foliate my feet and trim and file my toe nails. I gotta admit it felt good and made my feet nice and soft. That was as far as I went.

Monday Patty had to work for an hour and I went to visit Eric to get help with a computer program. Then we went shopping and got items for a bbq. We then went and picked up Ben and Tammy, Denesha and Tristen came for dinner. We had home made hamburgers and turkey burgers as well as corn on the cobb. Patty cut up strawberries and mixed with blueberries and raspberries then we put whipped cream and yogurt on top. mmm mmm good. After dinner Denesha walked Tristen home, Ben was outside and I was downstairs on my computer. Patty and Tammy were upstairs messing with Patty's lap top. They were laughing so hard I had to go upstairs and check on them. They were writing stuff on facebook having a good ol time so I snuck back down to the basement. Denesha started staying here Sunday night and Tammy will start as of tonight. Good thing I work evenings and will only have to deal with all the women on the weekends!


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