Friday, June 24, 2011

Kamloops trip

I'm sorry this next post has taken so long to get on here but negotiations between Dante and myself have broken off. After his post on here he had so many positive comments that he now wants to get paid for doing posts and I just can't give in to him.

This post is about my third annual trek to the mainland to visit Andrew Harris at the BC Lions camp. For the second year in a row it was held in Kamloops which just happens to be the home of my inlaws.

We got up early friday morning (June 10)to catch the first ferry out of Nanaimo. There was Myself Patty Been Ryan and Dante. I had gassed the car up the night before so we didn't have to make a stop on the way. Patty had packed cold drinks and snacks for the trip. The ferry wasn't too busy being the first trip over that morning but I heard later it was packed as a lot of Canuck fans were heading over to party in Vancouver seeing it was a game day. Patty and I stayed in the car with Dante for the most part and the boys went upstairs to eat and play in the arcade. I did take Dante for a walk around the passenger deck so he could stretch his legs and have a pee.

The first leg of the trip was pretty uneventful and our first stop was in Merritt to see Natalie and Peter. Patty was staying at their place so she could surprise her best friend Annita at her birthday party on Saturday. The boys and Dante and myself were going on up to Kamloops that evening to stay with Mamasitta and Pops. We hung out at Natalie and Peters for a while then we hit the road. Ben got to drive from Merritt to Kamloops while Dante and Ryan cuddled in the back seat sleeping and i held on for dear life in the front seat! It really wasn't that bad Ben does pretty good and enjoyed driving in the 110km/h section.

I love being with mom and pops and I think they don't mind hanging out with me. Pops loved Dante and by the end of the stay Mamasitta was starting to like Dante. She's not a dog person. I left them alone for 2 minutes while I was in the washroom and Mamasitta decided to say hello to Dante which he took as an invitation to jump into her lap. When I came out of the washroom Mamasitta was standing beside her recliner and Dante was stretched out in it. Dante and pops on the other hand got along great. Dante was snuggling and kissing pops when ever he got a chance and pops didn't seem to mind. The boys went downstairs to hang out and the rest of us watched the hockey game that night.

Saturday morning pops made me breakfast before I left for the training camp. I left Dante downstairs with Ben and Ryan but I wasn't gone too long as the practice was cancelled that morning. We let Mamasitta and pops do their thing and I dropped the boys off at the pool and went for a drive with Dante. I gassed the car up $1.03 a litre!! Later we went to the afternoon practice and I got to chat with Andrew Harris. He looks faster and stronger this year and should get a lot more playing time. I invited him over that night but he had a team function and couldn't make it. Mammasitta would have fainted if Andrew showed up at her door lol.

Saturday evening was quiet and we had cherry pie and icecream when Natalie and Peter showed up to drop off Patty. Patty seemed to have a great time with her sister running all over town and even ran into an old crush in Merritt. Annita was pleasantly surprised when Patty walked into her place for the birthday party.

Sunday morning we got up and Mammasitta made us ham and eggs for breakfast. Then mom and pops took us for a drive to the park where I took a few pictures of some birds. Pops walked Dante most of the time and Mammasitta did for a while as well. That afternoon the boys and I went to the Lions camp and I hung out with Andrew while the boys chased autographs and cheerleaders. I hope to go to a game with the boys in September. Ryan seems to really like football and is playing this year with the Cowichan Bulldogs. I hope to see some of his games. we didn't end up staying for the scrimmage as they were running late and we had a long drive to catch the ferry which was packed. We had to wait for a second one in a huge lineup.

The trip was great and we got to see family and football which made it worth the long drive. I have to say that Dante was a very good boy all weekend and he travels so well. Most of the time he was laying on the back dash in the window sound a sleep and would occasionally snuggle up to Ryan and give him a kiss. look forward to our next road trip!!




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