Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well again it's been a while since I last posted a blog. Corey has had his fight and kicked the guys ass in the second round knocking him out while sitting on him throwing lefts and rights. Corey has picked up a sponsor "Reign fighting gear" who is going to give him some gear and will also help promote him. This is a big step in the right direction. Corey is looking forward to an MMA fight in March. They talked to Corey about getting some photos done and Corey told them he had a photographer to take the shots. Next weekend we are going to go into the gym and do some promotion shots for him. I'm looking forward to it! Thanks Corey!!

Yesterday was a snow day on the island. We had a few inches fall on Duncan and more further up island. I took Patty's car over to see about getting some snow tires on her car because she travels the Malahat a lot to baby sit Gwen and because of the high elevation they get a lot more snow and it will be safer for her.

Later on I went to visit Paul. I wanted to see how much his little pup has grown since we seen it in August and I wanted to see aunt Glady's. Well the pup is not little anymore, Paul says it's 100lbs and 7 months old. Apparently it was a bad girl yesterday so was hanging it's head to avoid Paul. They were going out earlier in the day and Daisey started running around on the road not listening. Paul put her in the house when he caught her and didn't let her go for a car ride. Every Saturday Paul takes his mom for lunch at the Rock Cod Cafe and then shopping. The dogs always get to go for the ride. Lelaine is getting big and is still a real cutie. Always nice to see her. Dimples was working. Aunt Glady's looks the same as always. I sat in her room with her and Tammy her dog for a while. She's doing well considering she is 91 plus now!

I had got up at 6:30am to drive Ben to work and I went to bed when I got tired. I was surprised to find out it was only 7pm but I had to get up and open the photo Lab for 7am. I went out around 6am to see if I needed to do some salting but surprisingly nothing was frozen. Hopefully the snow will be gone by the end of the week. They say it's going to be the worst winter in many years out here. Still won't be as bad as an Ontario winter!


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