Saturday, January 01, 2011

First I want to wish everyone a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all had a very good Christmas this year. I know we did!!

Now for my first post of the New Year I have a bunch of photos from boxing day and the 27th that I took on our trip to Parksville to spend with Adam, Mary and Gwen. They stayed at a nice resort with an ocean view and we got to stay with them for a night. While there we got to hang out with Gwen while her mom and dad went skiing (or tried) and we went to the beach a big park and a horse and wagon ride. The photos may be a bit out of order but they are from 2 different cameras. It was a blast spending so much time with Gwen! She is so much fun and she loves having her picture taken as you can see, which is good for me because I kind of like taking pictures and have a camera to do it.

Speaking of that I had my second paying job taking photos for a local newspaper today. Before Christmas they hired me to take some shots at a local hockey game and today I was hired to shoot the Polar Bear dip in Cow. Bay. It was a lot of fun and they actually had to break up the ice on the bay so the people could get into the water. Was a minus 5 on the island this morning but nice and sunny.

Well Patty's off to her aunt's place and me and Dante are hanging out waiting for people to pay rent. Ben is the only one of us working today. Hes at the McDonalds @ Wal Mart and I'm sure it's going to be pretty quiet. Well that's all for now have a great day!!


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