Friday, January 06, 2012

Post number 2 of 2012

Well hello again. Figured I had some time before bed so I would sit down and write something. What to write is another thing cause Ive been real boring lately.

Well the World Junior Tournament wasn't anything like I had hoped it would be. Best thing about it was seeing the Americans not make the medal round. Canada had a good tourny but fell short against the Russians. They made the game exciting late in the 3rd scoring 4 goals in a 5 minute span then ringing a couple off the post in the last minute. Congrats to Sweden winning the gold medal. I wish it had been Canada winning gold but I also rather win the bronze then lose the gold. Enough sports for now Patty will skip over that paragraph LOL

I never made a resolution this year but I had thought of a few I might do but will just try it without making a resolution. I joined the pool this month with a 1 month membership. I had gone swimming a couple times and Ben had bugged me saying I should join the old people doing aerobics in the pool. On Tuesday I did!! Ive gone 4 times this week to a 50 minute workout in the pool. The first one was so easy I thought wow I can do this. Each day it got harder and harder. Other than the instructor I was the youngest person by at least 15 years Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday there was at least 1 younger than me so I should have known it would be a tough workout. Today there were only about 8 people in the pool with me and probably 4 were older than me. I am hurting big time tonight lol. It really is a good workout like I would never have thought.

Today after my pool workout I had a nice surprise. Gwen came to the pool to go swimming with me. We had a blast playing and swimming in the pool. We did the lazy river a few times letting the water push us around a few laps. We played catch and played with the fountains and walked around the water. Gwen told me she was having lots of fun I sure hope we can do it again soon. We went to try one of the water slides but they don't allow 2 people on at the same time. that's too bad I think Gwen would have enjoyed it.

Also today Dante got a haircut. He gets pretty shaggy pretty fast. Only problem is we can see his sad eyes now. Before we knew he was looking at us but now you can actually see him looking so sadly at us lol. He sure is a cute dog.

Last but not least tonight we went to Al and Nina's for dinner. It was an amazing pasta dinner with meatballs and veggies in the sauce. It was delicious and filling. Al even made me a virgin 7up with ice because I was driving LOL. I made some short bread cookies and a cherry cheesecake for desert. I thought we had taken enough cookies to leave them a few but we went through them pretty good while watching a movie. We took Dante with us and him and Sookie get along so well together. I like sookie and its because of her that I was ready for another dog of my own. That's why we now have a Dante.

Well that's all for now I need to take my aching body up the stairs to bed. I get 2 days to rest up before I'm back in the pool giving my all.


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