Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween !!!

On the weekend Patty and I picked up some pumpkins for us. Saturday night we decided to carve them. Ben and I had started cutting the tops off and cleaning ours out when Patty called me into the living room. She had found a site with templates for carving and wanted to know if I could print it out. Well the next thing I know is we all had picked one out so I went upstairs and printed them out. It was a struggle at first but I think they turned out pretty good.

Ben went to school today as Hannibal. I'll have to get a picture of him tonight. he had a straight jkt and leather mask on and patty slicked back his hair and lightened it. I was too lazy to get out of bed to see.

On a last note it looks like I'm going back to graveyard shift. They have been talking about it for a while but yesterday when a truck showed up for Trusses that were not even cut yet the owner said we better do something about it now. I'm going in today and want to talk money. As far as I know its going to start off with me cutting on a saw and a stacker starting at 10pm Sunday.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

End of season whale watch.

First off I want to tell Mike I showed my wife his comment and she gave me permission to laugh. She promised she wouldn't be mad at me. She might remember it when she meets him next summer tho! Secondly if this is how it feels to have my balls in her purse this past year has been the best year of my life so she can keep them there. I like things just the way they are.

Football is over for me this year other than the banquet. That will be this Tuesday. I'm still leaving the team after the season to go do the BCFC web site. I just read that the Hamilton Hurricanes are starting up again next year along with the Junior Argos. Doesn't mean much for us till the intergold game or Canadian Championship game but Ontario needs another team or two. The Montreal team has dominated the last few years. I'm waiting to squeeze a couple tickets to a Canuck game out of Hadi the owner of our team.

This weekend is the last weekend Captain Ron will be doing whale watching tours for the season. The resident Orcas are starting to get too far away and its a lot colder out on the open ocean so not many tourist want to go. Ron starts working in March on his boat and goes 7 days a week till the season ends. This winter he wants to work on his web site so I sent him a slide show and some pictures he can use.

When I phoned him yesterday morning he told me that no Orcas were in the area but that a couple Humpbacks were not too far away. I'd never seen one so I thought I'd go out for the heck of it. He said so far it looked like just he and I so he was going to drop some crab traps on the way out. By the time I got there a family of 4 had showed up to go out.

We still dropped the traps on the way out and then we went over to Race Rocks for a look at some Seals. These were California Seals and some other type that are a lot bigger than the Harbour Seals. There is also an old light house one of the last ones still using a person living there. Now this old light house was built in England then dismantled and put on a couple ships to be sent here to B.C. The rocks were all numbered like a puzzle to help in putting it together. Not far from where the light house stands one of the ships sunk so the light house is built with two different types of stone.

Next we were off to look for the whales. It took a while till we found one but wow! This thing was huge. We only ended up finding the one today but we followed him around a while. Its kind of difficult cause they zig zag all over the place while feeding. They normally show their huge tail when the dive for food but this one wasn't co operating. Twice we managed to guess right and get in his path so he was coming right at the boat which wood have been the perfect spot to take a picture of his tail but he never showed it. It was too dark but we tried to hang over the edge of the boat to see if we could see him when he went under us. The one woman was pretty nervous about him tipping us. I was hoping he would at least bump us. Ron said a few years back he did have one bump the boat with its tail. He said they had shut off the boat and this thing just kept swimming around them checking they out. It came over bumped the boat and then disappeared.

That's the thing with whale watching its hit and miss. Two days before there were three Humpbacks and they breached a couple times. the day before there were 4 or 5 and they were showing their tails all over the place. The day I chose there was one and he was acting shy. Oh well just being out on the ocean and getting a chance to see a wild animal like this in its natural surroundings was amazing. Now I was hoping for the great photo op that never happened but there is always next season!!

When we pulled the crab traps there were lots of crabs but none the legal limit to keep which is too bad cause they were meant for me to take home tp Patty and Ben ( I won't eat them)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Snip snip

Well poor old (young) Jack. To day he is getting his balls removed. I sat down and had a chat with him last night because I didn't want it to come as a huge shock. Especialy waking up in the cage and having the other cats laughing at you. Not knowing whats going on till you stretch and then go to have a lick. Patty feels real bad for him. He hasn't sprayed yet that I know of but he sure likes to hump. Apparently he was making love to my foot the other night while I was sleeping and it woke Patty up. He seems to like Ben and me more for humping than her. I think hes gay. Not that there is anything wrong with it. He likes to cuddle up with Ben or me and will purr like crazy. Patty he just likes to pounce on and bite. He attacks her pretty good. Sometimes she teases him and may deserve it but late at night when its supposed to sleep time he decides to pay her back. He'll jump at her face and bite her nose or cheek. Patty is the one who took him in so he will probably want to pay her back big time now. Well I'm off to work, everyone have a good day. Can't be any worse than Jacks!

Friday, October 19, 2007

New Toy

Patty and I went shopping yesterday and bought a new toy. I just hooked it up and was looking for something to try and found something you may all like. We bought a printer/coppier/scanner/fax machine. No phone jack in my room so won't be able to send you all faxes yet. But here is my first scan and no its not of my butt or other private spot but .... hey that gives me an idea for my second try LOL.

If you click on them to open them up you should be able to right click and save to you computer and then print it out. If not send me lots of money and I'll print you out a copy and mail it to you. Have to pay this thing off some how.

Here is a little something for Mike. Was going to get your address and mail it to you and still will if you want it. It's in rough shape but it's yours.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Raiders BCFC Champs !!!

Well looks like the Raiders will be off to Montreal this week to play the St Leonard Cougars. They beat the Okanagan Sun 33 - 27 snuffing out a drive by intercepting the ball on the 5 yard line with 15 seconds to play. Wish I was going but its not to be.

On a bright note I might have sold another picture to the local paper. The editor liked my photos last week so he asked me to submit a couple this week. Should know by tonight but looks good! The sports editor called me this morning to make sure I had got his email.

A friend of mine who works for another local paper said I should submit there too but I told him his paper doesn't pay for photos. They published 2 shots last year taking up half a page and all I got was my name underneath and very VERY tiny lol.

Two of the photos I sent them

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Well its game day today and online is the Cullen Cup or B.C. JR football Championship. Winner gets to go to Quebec and try and beat the St. Leonard Cougars. There was a time when I would have been going to the game in Quebec but I don't think it will happen this year. Things have changed so much in the organization and the chain of command changes weekly and still no one knows jack about anything. I haven't informed the team yet but as soon as the season is done so am I. I'm going to be taking a step up and going to the BCFC to do their web site. Hopefully I can keep it up to date like I have the Raiders site. I've let it slip the last couple weeks cause I don't want to quit in the middle of the season but I just want it to end. I'll still be a Raiders fan only I won't be able to cheer from the sidelines anymore cause I'll be representing the BCFC. I'll probably go to more games where they are not playing than ones they are. I'd like to see them every game but I'm taking photos at the games and have to try and be fair to all teams.

I spend many hours on my computer updating the web site, going through pictures and looking for stuff to do on the web site. I email photos to some parents. I even get the odd fan mail I have to answer. Patty has started calling my football my porn. So now when I head to the computer I tell her I'm going to go check my porn she just laughs and says ok have fun. Yesterday I was on here for hours because I was going through every picture I took looking for good ones to blow up and get signed. Plus I put some pictures on some Cd's for a couple players I've gotten to know over the past 3 years. I talk to their parents or aunts and uncles at every game. If they show up at a road game they always find me to say hello. It's gotten to the point where I do this for them more than anyone else. I met the father and a brother of a player last game. The boy is mentally handicapped and the father had emailed me asking if there was any chance I could get his sons head shot on the web site because he joined us late and had not had one taken. He told me the other son goes online everyday to look for his brother. So I had a head shot taken and also sent him 5 good shots I had of him. The father looked me up and thanked me because he said it meant a lot to the younger brother.

Patty and I joked about just how much porn a guy can handle in one day. I told her football seasons almost over and then she'll have my undivided attention till about Christmas then I have to get back into it because I'm changing the BCFC site around to suit me. Well that it for now gotta get back into my porn then go to the store and get the porn I printed out and then go watch some live porn. It's a tough life out here LOL.

We did get out of the house for a couple hours for a walk. We went down by the river where we went on our first date (a year ago) then popped back home and then took a drive towards Cow Bay and took another walk. It was a nice day for a walk but gotta say I miss the fall colours of Muskoka. Had my camera but it was mostly green and yellow. Will try and post some pictures if I get time after all my Sunday porn.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I've been published!!!

OK I haven't been published but one of my photos have. Recently I have joined a web site that Maisan belongs to and they sell your photos. Maisan has done a great job and has sold some of his photos. I never took to photography like Maisan did till recently. I always took photos for myself. Stating with the football team I started taking photos that I wanted to blow up and put on the wall. I've started getting more critical of my photos. The site you upload your photos to are also very critical. They have refused more than a few photos that I thought were good. A couple I touched up in photo shop and they then accepted but others I'm stuck and not sure how to fix. I've had a lot of views unless its just Maisan checking out the competition LOL but so far no purchases. Depending on what its used for you don't make a lot of money but it only costs you time to put them up.

This past weekend was a semi final game in the BCFC and the Raiders were taking on the Surrey Rams. I was there shooting about 600 photos as usual. Because of the rain and low light it was a tough day to shoot. I did manage a few good shots and enjoyed a 53 - 0 thrashing of the Rams. The Rams are the only team that has beat us twice in the three years of Raiders existence.

On Monday I got an email from the sports editor of a local weekly newspaper asking if I had any shots I would like to submit and that they might buy one for their paper. I sent about 5 shots that I liked and they have purchased one for $50 bucks. The money is nice but I have to say I really enjoy seeing my name under the photo in print. They posted the column on their web site so here it is. I'm going to get a few copies to put away. is the site but it might not take you right in. Click on sports then look for the heading "Raiders roar into B.C. final"

Actualy if you type "Raiders roar into B.C. final" in google it pops up with my name thats cool!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Photos from my bath

Don't worry I won't surprise you with any nude shots of me. Not much else going on unless you want hundreds of football pictures and me to go on and on about football. Next season I will no longer be helping the Raiders. It's official that I will be taking over the BCFC site. Off football Patty and I had applied for the landlord job for our complex but did not get it. They said they wanted more experience.

Now onto the tub...

Ben, Patty and I have been real sick the past little while. We have pretty bad colds and it's been hard to sleep. I decided to have a bath after work one night. The cat was bugging me so I had to let it in the bathroom. He just sat back and watched me but was afraid to come close. I have magazines and newspapers and my Ipod and just lay back and relax. That night I slept pretty good so decided to try it again.

The second night jack got more brave and decided to peek into the tub. He eventually got on the edge of the tub and wanted to jump on my shoulders where he likes to sit when I'm at the computer. I was watching him carefully because I thought if he accidental falls in he will tear me to shreds trying to get out.

The third night my Ipod wasn't working so I thought I'd take my camera in and get a few pictures of the cat. Normally the cat likes the camera but he decided to play shy. He did look over the edge once or twice and reached in towards my feet at one point but stayed back most of the time.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend walk

A couple weekends ago the family went up to Nanaimo to walk. Most times Ben doesn't like to come along or we just don't want him along but this time he was allowed and brought his scooter. There was lots of room for Ben to bomb around and he made us watch him do a few tricks. I happen to have my camera so I took a few pictures as usual. I was just going through my computer and noticed them so I thought I would share them. I threw in a couple pictures of me and one of my beautiful wife because you'll need a break from the Ben pictures.