Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meet Bart

Just a quick post. Been having trouble with blogger lately with posts not showing up. Will look into it but now here is a picture of the new member of our family. As I wrote in the last post the problem was mine.


Put this on wrong blog

Last week I made a post on my blog and was ticked because I couldn't see it. Just realized I posted it on my photo blog instead of this one .... ooooops Here it is better late than never

Well not much has been going on the last two weeks but we were saving up for this weekend. Patty and I are heading over to the mainland friday evening and getting a hotel room. Saturday we are going to IKEA shopping and I'm giving Patty 5 bucks to buy what ever she likes. I'll probably treat her to lunch then we will head back into the city to a camera shop and more shopping. Then we will have a nice dinner and go to the Canucks game. We will be both wearing Canuck Jerseys (from two seasons ago dark ones) hopefully have some paint or stickers on our faces and we will be about 20 rows up from rinkside half way between the blue line and the goal line. Maybe you will see us on TV if we are lucky and you stay up late. Then its back to the room for a good nights sleep and back to the island Sunday afternoon.

If you have some spare time if you could please pop on this web site Rate my poem, and vote on Patty's poem she could get an ipod

Thank you!!! She appreciates it!!!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sweden VS Cowichan Capitals

Last night my friend Scott and I went to see the Swedish national under 17 team play against the local team in Duncan called the Cowichan Capitals. When I got to the arena Team Sweden was out front playing a game with a soccer ball. I thought most of them looked 12 and wouldn't have a chance against the Caps but boy did they prove me wrong. I guess skates and a hockey stick add years to a person. They still looked young but all seemed a little bigger and stronger. I'm not sure but this team might have been at the tournament in Ontario that had Canada playing the USA for gold yesterday. The final score was 7-3 for Sweden. I hope Canada doesn't suffer the same fate vs Sweden today in the tourny over in Prague. It was fun shooting pictures but the lighting at any in door event sucks and makes it tough to get great shots. I like natural shots out doors under the sun. Well here are more than a few shots from last nights game.

Friday, January 04, 2008


Happy new year everyone and Happy first anniversary to my beautifull wife! I also want to congratulate Sam and his beautifull wife Aleah. Hope you both are as happy as Patty and I.

Patty and I are not really party people and would have loved to have stayed at home with a couple movies and lots of Junk food but gave in to aunties request that we go out with them new years eve. We went to a small bar in Chemainus called The Saltair. They had karaoke going that night and all the normal crowd was going to be there. There is a couple that we met recently that are from the Toronto area that were there and I have to say that Joe is one of the best Karaoke singers I have ever heard. There are a few really good singers like my wife and a few that think they are better than they are but you can't put down people that have the guts to get up and sing in front of a crowd.

Joe had a cd made before he came out here and we had just received a copy a week ago. It plays pretty well none stop in our car since we got it. He does a version of Unchained Melody that would just blow you away. He asked us what song we would like for our anniversary and we both blurted out that song. He said he would do another song before that to warm up but then he would sing Unchained Melody dedicated to us. As usual when he finished singing he received a standing ovation. He told me that when he had the cd made the producer (who has won more than a couple Grammys) told Joe if he was younger (mid 60's) that he would have backed Joe on the cd but that at his age it would be tough to get an audience to listen. The songs on the cd are requests from his family but he is working on another that are songs he wants to have on the cd. He said that we would be getting a copy as soon as its done. He's talked to a couple producers that are local and just needs to pick a studio. I wish I could play his song on my blog.

Well they had cake for us and my wife even got up and sang one song after I begged her to. She is always asked to do another but is happy with singing just the one. We did have a great time and want to thank everyone that was there. We were one of the first couples to leave after midnight but Patty had to work the next day. Well here are a few pictures from that night.