Monday, June 25, 2018

Lizzy Borden B&B Day 3

Lizzy Borden and Fall River Mass.

    So day 3 we head out to Fall River Mass. The GPS is working and we only have one stop on the way . We are stopping at the airport car rental place to add their insurance. From the short time I've driven in Mass I've noticed they are some of the worst drivers I've ever seen. They don't signal they cut you off and they have 3 lane round abouts they do not know how to use. When I go into get the insurance the woman behind the counter tells me a person from Canada picked up a car the day before and within an hour had been in a collision and returned the car. 

    We leave the airport and make our way to Lizzy Borden B&B in Fall River Mass. We were a little early so the staff gave us a map to the house Lizzy bought after the trial and to the elementary where all the Borden's are buried. The house below was called Maplecroft and this is where Lizzy and her sister lived after the trial. This too is going to become a museum but for now you can only take pictures out side.It is supposed to have some original furnishings.

This is the cemetery entrance, They have painted arrows inside directing you to the Borden's plot

Lizzy and Emma

Some more of the family.

Saw this on the way out. A nice memorial for some fallen soldiers and their grave sites

Lizzy Borden's place!

    Patty and I were the first to check in and were allowed to wander throughout the house. As the other guests arrived we all left our rooms open to allow them to wander through. There was a door in our room that lead into the Master bedroom. After we had went throughout the house we left to go get something to eat. We ate at a small bar restaurant called Tequila Lime. A Mexican place and the food was really good. I allowed Patty to have one drink as usual because she gets pretty rowdy if she has any more than that LOL The food was really good! I'm sure Patty posted pictures of the food on Facebook lol.

Inside the gift store

Lizzy's room wear we stayed

Emma's room which was inside our room and we could have used if we wanted.

This used to be an office off the Dad's or master bedroom

Master bedroom

This is the room the uncle stayed in the night before the murders.

This is where the step mom was found on the floor after being murdered.

This was the living room

The front entrance

The sitting room

Where the dad was found on the couch murdered

The dining room where they gathered for meals and we gathered for breakfast

     Everything in the house has been replaced from pieces from the time period nothing is original but they have tried to match the carpet and paint as best they could from old photos.  These dishes they believe are original they were found out back when they removed the outhouse and transformed the barn into the office/gift shop and a residence on the second floor.

The 3rd floor where the maid stayed and there was a spare room and storage

    When everyone was there except for 2 Ontario guests that were running late we were given a grand tour. Told about the trial where everyone was at the time of the murders. Most of the people were under the assumption that Lizzy and her uncle had probably teamed up each killing one of the people. The thought was that He killed the step mom for Lizzy and she killed the dad cause he was cheap and didn't treat his first wife or lizzy's mom well. Her mom was also the uncles sister! Everyone was wondering around the house trying to conjure up some ghosts. Some were reading kids stories upstairs because we were told there were ghosts of children in the house. Some got out toys and tried to get them to play. I on the other hand walked around singing Lizzy Borden took and axe and gave her mother 40 whacks, when she seen what she had done she gave her father 41. I was trying to antagonize them lol. I went over the entire house from basement to attic singing it over and over lol. Slowly but surely we all drifted off to our rooms closing the doors and falling asleep and what a peaceful sleep it was!