Monday, April 30, 2007

Track and Field

This morning I walked over to Ben's school to watch some of his track and field events. This is the first time I've seen Ben so active. I know he has gone out and played hoops, catch and other things with Al but this is the first time I've seen it first hand. I saw him do a 400m race, shot put, and high jump but missed his javelin throw and another race he was in. Way to go Ben I'm proud of you for getting out there and trying. Also thanks to Ben for getting me off my lazy butt and getting me outside throwing a football around earlier today.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just stuff

Well it's been almost a week since I last posted. My last week at Atlas Truss was uneventfull. Same ol same ol which is a good thing. I tried to stir up some crap the last night because the foreman is a goof and is going to be moving guys around to positions they don't want to work so I brought it up in the lunch room just to watch the fire works.

For those of you that don't know yet Patty's son albert has left the nest to head back to Kamloops where all his friends are. Hopefully hes happy now because hes a good kid (21 but acts 12 most of the time LOL) but very negative, can't make choices easily and was pretty unhappy being here. Here are a couple shots of a Happy Al.

Al after scoreing a goal

Al being tricky

Al being scored on

This weekend I bought a new BBQ and set it up in only 5 hours LOL. Best thing is there were no extra pieces so I must have done it right. I also finished putting the gate up with the lock but I still bought a chain and lock for the BBQ. I told Patty locks are only to prevent honest ppl from walking away with your stuff. Patty took a picture of me cooking some home made burgers and bacon on the new BBQ in time to sit down and watch the Canucks lose. Al liked my burgers and these were probably the best ones I have made.

never noticed how old I'm starting to look

Next is a picture of Benny who is letting his hair grow since he can't grow a playoff beard yet. I think he should leave it long it looks pretty good.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Job and stuff

As of Tuesday I start a new job. I've been looking since December for a job closer to Duncan and last week I found out that a local Truss plant was bought by someone from Atlas Truss where I work. I talked to Craig the Manager and he said put in my resume with his name on it and see what happens. I got a call monday and start next tuesday. I went in today to fill out some forms and have a look see. Same as Atlas but cleaner looking. Only 2 shifts there so I'll be on afternoons. 2 - 11 monday to thursday and then 2 - 6 Friday for a good weekend. It pays to know ppl because by the sounds of it they were not ready to hire anyone but Louie the guy that bought Vic Truss told them to hire me and he takes over as of Tuesday so thats why I don't start on Monday.

I've decided to make a list of concerts I have seen over the years. I'm going to try and seperate country from rock but nut in any particular order. When I was thinking about this at work they came a lot easier to me than they are now. I wasn't going to post this list because I'm sure I'm missing lots but maybe some of you might be able to help me as I'm getting old and more forgetfull


Paul McCartney (twice best memmory)
Aerosmith ( One of the best concerts ever)
Metalica (lolapolooza)
The Ramones
Kim Mitchell ( few times)
The Beach Boys
Nickle Back
Alanah Myles
Sass Jorden
The Commitments
Biff Naked
Burton Cummings
Blues Brothers
Bowser (from sha na na)
Barney Bentall and the legendary hearts (plus a solo acoustic concert)
April Wine
Wierd Al Yankovic ( How could I forget this one ??)


Kenny Rogers (twice)
Valdy (many times)
Blue Rodeo (many times)
George Jones
Merle Haggard
Waylon Jennings
Serena Postel
Juice Newton
Patty Lovelace
Oak Ridge Boys
John Conlee
The Tennessee Three
Alan Jackson
Paul Brandt
Phil Vasser
Mindy McCready
Sawyer Brown

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tennessee three minus one

Friday night Ben and I went to see The Tennessee 3 band that backed up Johnny Cash for over 30 years. The Drummer W.S. Holland was with Johnny for almost 50 years after being fired by Carl Perkins. Bob Wootton joined Johnny Cash in 1968 after 2 of the band members missed their flight and Johhny had no guitar player.

The concert started off with a oppening act who just happens to be Bob Wootton's daughter Scarlet. She was pretty good doing some old country songs and a couple that she wrote that sound like they are old country.

Then the lights went dim and you could see a couple people standing on the stage and a recording started talking about the Man In Black. They would mention a few things about him then they would see that he may be gone but will never be forgotten when you here this sound and youd here the oppening guitar riff from Folsom Prison Blues then they would talk more and play the riff again and then they said and now the band behind the man and the Tennessee three started playing. On most songs if you closed your eyes you could picture Johhny Cash up there singing because Bob Wootton sounds an awfull lot like him.

It was a great show which made me think of dad which lead me to having a dream about him. I was laying on dad and Jeans bed talking to dad and he was mostley mumbling like he did once in a while. He was holding onto my finger for some reason. I asked if he needed a drink and he blinked his eyes and smiled so I said I would go get it. I woke up and was getting ready to get up and get his drink when I realized it was a dream. I smiled even though it made me feel sad because it was very close to how it was before he passed away.

Here are a few pictures from the show. I had taken my old digital camera because I was told no photography but they said before the concert started photos were allowed but please no video.


The Tennessee Three

The drum solo

Ben with the Tennessee Three

Monday, April 16, 2007

DN Part two

After dinner at Denny's Patty and I went looking for this little coffee house we had seen earlier that week on Shaw cable channel. They have live music and there were 2 young woman who had met on My Space that were going to be playing. The place was a little creepy in a Twilight Zone way as it was a old Hippy hang out. Patty and I were not sure we were going to stay but decided to have our desert there and check it out. When the singers arrived there were probably only about 7 ppl in the place. The one singer that we had heard sing a bit on Shaw came over and said hello. We chatted for a bit and she was very nice. She thanked us for comming out. By the time the show started there were probably 25 ppl in the place. They all seemed to know each other and we felt a bit out of place without our beads sunglasses and buck skin jackets LOL.

The first singer was Serena Postel from Winnipeg. The one that had came over to us before the show. She put on a fantastic show. She has an incredible voice that kinda reminds you of Jewel but Raspier. She gets so into her music when she sings that it looks like she is going to cry. She did a bunch of originals, one cover that Patty said was better than the original ( I had heard it but don't know the name) and then she finished off with a Gower family favourite "Oh Lord Won't You Buy Me" asking every one to join in. It was funny because right before that I had said shes like Jewel and Janis Joplin in one. We ended up buyying her cd which is very good but seeing her in person she puts way more emotion and power into her songs. I think they toned her down a bit in the studio.

Here is her My Space site
  • Serena Postel click here

  • If you check this site out listen to Bourbon which is live in the studio. Its still toned way down from Live but its good.

    Sabrina Kufner, the second singer is a local woman from Victoria who is very good as well. They both have simular sounding voices live. I was surprised they didn't do a duet. They are travelling around the island till this weekend when Serena has to be back in Winnipeg.

    Here is her site although I was just checking it out and it doesn't seem to do her justice you may still like it.
  • Sabrina Kufner

  • I probably should mention about the older hippy surfer type dude that ran the place. He had shoulder length grey hair, a green Hawian shirt on with a green kilt, black socks and plastic beach sandals. Looks like hes been there a while and enjoys the slow life.

    Serena Postel

    Kind of like a "Friends" place but no couches and cushy chairs

    Sabrina Kufner

    Sunday, April 15, 2007

    Date night part 1

    Well Patty and I are trying to take some time every weekend to just have some us time. It's not really a pre-planned date night but we decide on stuff to do with just the 2 of us and then we do it. Saturday was one of those times. We had seen an article on the Titanic and it said there was an exhibition at the Royal Museum in Victoria. I looked it up online and noticed that it opened up yesterday on the 95th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. They also had a Imax film opening up the same day. So Patty and I jumped in the car and off we went to Victoria just the two of us to spend the day together. The hardest part of the trip was finding a parking spot but we eventually found one within walking distance of the museum. The museum was pretty busy and the earlier Imax showings were all sell outs so we got tickets for the 4:00pm show. We had to go check my back pack as it wasn't allowed in the place but was told that photos were allowed except for in the aboriginal area. While walking around taking photos I had one person come up and tell me that they were told no pictures or your camera will be confiscated. I thought they meant flash photos because the place was so dark that a normal camera wouldn't get a good shot in the darkness. Even with my camera turned up as fast as it could go I was sure the pictures would all turn out blurry. It wasn't till after we had got out of the Titanic exhibit I noticed a sign saying no photos allowed.

    Now as you walk into the exhibit you are handed a boarding pass with info on it about a passenger that was on the Titanic. I got a Mr. Emil Brandeis who was a 48yr old from Omaha Nebraska traveling alone in first class. Patty got 36 yr old Mrs Henry B. Harris (Irene Wallach) from NY who was traveling first class with her husband. It also gives you some background on the reason they were in Europe and why they would be on the Titanic. After wandering around and looking at all the exhibits and reading all the info about the ship and the passengers you come into the final room where they have a list of all the passengers by class and if they survived or not. It appears that Mr Brandeis was not as lucky as Mrs. Harris as he did not survive the sinking and Mrs. Harris came out of this with just a broken arm.

    Tool handles and sharpening stone

    nuts bolts fasteners and a huge wrench

    wrench nuts and bolts

    Inspection lamp

    Wallet and Toronto trolly tickets

    baggage ticket and pen and pencil

    Old leather trunk

    Same leather trunk

    First class room

    First class room

    Third class room

    Pendulum lamp

    First class sink and toothpaste jar

    Cherub at the bottom of the forward grand staircase

    Razor blade and toiletry jar

    Soap dish toothbrush and medicine bottle

    Chamber pot and fixtures

    ventilating port hole

    Creamer sugar bowl spoons and other ceramic items

    Table ware

    Brush and mirror handle

    Old work boot

    Bowls as they were found on the ocean floor

    Port hole window

    Main doors from first class. This room was so dark you couldn't see the people behind the doors

    Hat and slippers

    Vest Tie and pants belonging to William Henry Allen

    Playing cards tool handles old envelope postmarked Dec 10, 1912