Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dan Akroyd was in town to promote some Crystal Head vodka in a rolling stones anniversary pack and to sign autographs. He was going to Steve Drane HD first and was going to ride a brand new Harley over to liquor Planet. I decided I was going to go take pictures at the Harley dealership first then go get one printed out and get him to sign it. Problem was too many people showed up for autographs and I couldnt waste another 3 or more hours trying to get an autograph so i decided just to go home. I did get some good photos that i can share and who knows maybe ill get one signed another time. I have to say he was a very friendly guy and tried to take time to see as many people as he could. His manager wanted one photo with the whole crowd but Dan decided that the crowd was too big so he went into the crowd in 4 or 5 different spots  and had pictures taken each time.