Saturday, November 29, 2008

Photos of me

I bet I bored a lot of ppl with my last post LOL. The Canucks played so many games last week and won them all and that was the talk of the town so was always on my mind. This post is different because Mary surprised me with an email of photos of me and Gwen. Very rare I'm in photos but I'm trying to get Patty used to using my camera because shes a little nervous about using it. Thank you so much for the following photos Mary!

Look how strong she is at 5 weeks old She's doing push-ups!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lucky Leafs !

I gotta say I love how my Canucks did last week on the road trip and then in the comeback win over Detroit the other day. I hope Luongo isn't out too long but I also don't want them to rush him back so that we have to hear about his nagging injury. Let him heal properly then there are no excuses.

I'm a little worried about the Maple Leafs. Not that they will amount to anything this year as usual but if/when they sign Brian Burke that will be the best thing they have ever done to that organization since they last won a Stanley Cup. If he can't get them to the cup (and I hope he doesn't) nobody can. I wish the Canucks had got him back instead of him going to Toronto. I do think that will take them out of the running for Sundein's return. I'd kinda like to see him come to the Canucks but we are doing pretty good without him. If he did go back to the Leafs I would say good for him but I honestly think he will join San Jose because he wants to be on a winning team or one that he thinks will go to the Stanley Cup final. I will hate him more than when he was with the Leafs if he goes there. They have an under 17 national hockey tournament coming to the area and I hope to get to a few games. Won't be the same as the juniors tourney in Ottawa this year but it will have to do. I plan on watching a lot of that as usual if the wife lets me LOL. She'll be working for most of it I think. Wal-Mart is getting crazy busy now and not looking forward to the nut heads that shop there when I work this weekend. I'm one of those nut heads because I shop there all the time.

Worst thing is I won't get to see little Gwen. Patty was down there last night and went for a drive and walk with Gwen and Mary. She was really nice to me last night because on the way home she stopped and got me a sandwich and soup for my break at lunch. I sat in the car with her and downed it while she talked about how beautiful Gwen is. Says shes growing every time she sees her.

Wed. night we are going to Nanaimo for dinner at the Keg. Its a Christmas get together for the employees of Meicor the property management place I work for. I'll get to meet the other landlords from the south island area. I've only met 2 others but have talked to one or two more on the phone. Should be a good time but if not should be a good meal.

Well off to get ready for work. Should be warmer tonight as its raining outside. We've actually had frost on the car the last couple nights! Ta ta!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Here comes Santa Clause

First off I want to thank everyone who emailed me after the last post. I wasn't looking for comments but was kinda thinking out loud (in type) because if I go to a web site that doesn't update very often I stop going and eventually delete the site. It feels like I haven't updated very often and thought maybe I had lost everyone. So here is a surprise early update.

A week ago I found a veggie cookbook online and thought a couple recipes looked interesting so tried them out. They were very good if I do say so myself. I must say that Ben was a huge help in the making of the items. I had him chopping and dicing away while I was putting the items we needed together and reading the recipe to make sure it was done properly. We both worked very hard and then after dinner Patty had to clean up after us as usual. Al did what he normally does .... eat .... and tells us how much he does around here for us. I never seem to notice any difference other than how agitated Ben gets when Al is around.

Saturday we were going to see our little princess Gwen and her parents and taking her to her first ever Santa Clause Parade. Patty and I went shopping for all the ingredients so that Ben and I could recreate our masterpiece from the week before. I should have taken pictures of the meal because it looked just like the picture in the book. We prepared everything before we went to the parade then cooked it up as soon as we got back.

I gotta tell you before Gwen was born I was looking so forward to my first grandchild. I often thought about how the baby wasn't a blood grandchild and if that made a difference or if anyone thought that other than me. Just a couple days before she was born we were having a discussion in the living room about Ben taking time off school to go down to the hospital when Ben said well Kevin isn't even a real grandparent. I gotta tell you it was a bit of a shock and it hurt although I never did let on. I ended up going upstairs and working on my computer. Patty did say something to Ben about what he said and how it wasn't nice. When Gwen was born and for the first visit or two I played along but was still thinking about what Ben had said and what I had been thinking all along. I finally decided that as long as she grows up thinking I'm her papa and shes calling me papa what else do I need. I know dad loved Jean's grand kids like they were his own and I know how much they loved him. I'm going to spoil her and any other grandchild that comes along just like they were my own. I'll make them my own. (don't get any ideas Al your not ready) I already have lol. The last two visits have been so much better. I spend so much time with her (as much as Adam will let me) talking to her and playing games with her and I sure she recognizes me already. She follows me with her eyes if I move around bed while talking to her. I helped burp her the other day and when she was crying in pain because of gas I held her and rubbed her back and tummy trying to soothe her like I used to do with my nieces and nephews. Never been afraid of crying babies and have probably made more than a few cry LOL.

mom and dad trying unsuccessfully to get a hand print

Proud Papa

At her first ever Santa Clause parade with family and friends.

Shes not sure what to make of the hat, the look has nothing to do with the Canuck logo

poor thing has an upset tummy

Friday, November 21, 2008

Just in case any one still visits

Well its been a while again since I last blogged. Everything is going great out here. Still happy, still in love, and still working 3 jobs. If you haven't heard looks like we have a wedding next year in Ontario. I heard that John proposed to Tara during a carriage ride through central park in New York. Good job John never knew you as a romantic but well done. We are going to try our best to make it to the wedding and we promised Ben if we do go he can come with us this time. Depends on what time of month and if I can get time off all my jobs. I told Patty I had to cancel her Christmas/anniversary present just in case. I had booked us a cruise to Alaska in the middle of August.Can't afford both or that much time off. Was going all out with a balcony room too. I'm going to look into flying into Hamilton and out of New York City. Always wanted to go to the Dakotas and have my picture taken there.

Work is going pretty good ... all 3 jobs. Photo lab doesn't feel like a job but it takes up my weekends. The landlord job is going ok but I will feel better after my boss Keith retires. Old miserable %&#@#* !!!! I can do almost anything I want at the truss place. I try not to take advantage. It still sucks when it rains and will be worse when it snows. I talk to the owner quite often and he has bought a few photos off of me. Was checking into some Canucks tickets but he doesn't have any weekend games left.Hes off in Palm Springs with Hadi the owner of Atlas Truss and their families. He will be back this weekend after the Seahawks game sunday.

Last weekend I found a couple recipes and made a wonderful veggie supper for us. Now we are going to visit Gwen Saturday and I have to repeat the meal for Adam and Mary.Well I better get my butt in gear and shower up to take my wife to Wally world. Need to pick up the groceries for tomorrow.

Here is a picture of Mary and Gwen on her first visit to Nana and Papa's house. Nana was not here but luckily I was still home.My computer room doesn't look too messy in that photo.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm in Love !!!!

Yeah I know your all going to think this is another blog about how much I love my wife and I really do. But this is about another beautiful little angel that has came into our lives and into our hearts not so long ago. I'm talking about a young girl who will grow up calling me Papa G. Our little grand daughter Gwen. We went down to visit Mary Adam and Gwen and its been a while since I had seen her. But of course she stole my heart away as I know she has stolen Patty's heart every time she sees our little princess. She is getting big and that's probably because she eats like a pig. They are not kidding when they say babies sleep eat and poop and not necessarily in that order. It was about every 2 hours that she wanted to chow down but it seemed like every 15 minutes. Then right after she chowed down Adam would take over and burp her. He sure is a very proud father and very protective too. He made sure his big brother had washed his hands good before he was allowed to hold little Gwen. We all took turns holding her and hugging her and loving her and of course I took lots of pictures. Here are just a few of the ones I took today.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No new pictures so here is a rare one with me in it and the lovely momma to be Mary. This was talking about a week before little Gwen came in to our lives at aunties by my fav sister in law.

Not alot going on lately as you can tell. Been working 7 days a week. Patty's off today and going to Mary and Adams to see little Gwen. Ben is going to be going to work with me for a couple hours today. Its take your kid to work day at his school. Just an excuse so the teachers get a day off. Next week there is Rememberance day and in B.C. it is a stat holiday. My boss is trying to work it so we get monday and tuesday off. Well I'm off to the shower then to rake some leaves.