Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a little about nothing

Well the weekends over and we didn't do much. I've had a cold in my chest and throat for a bit and now its moved up into my head and sinuses. My car still isn't running and I havn't felt like working on it. We did go to the SPCA to look for a cat for my wife. She wants a kitten so we will have to wait till the end of March. I'm building a cage as I will finaly be getting the ferret that I've wanted for a very long time. I have most of the wood cut to size just need some plywood and the chicken wire which I've priced out. Ben is going to help me build it.

Hailey should be going home in a few days. Social services had a meeting with her mom today and want to talk to Hailey after school tomorrow. Patty says it looks like she'll be going back to her moms. Its been nice having a young lady around instead of just the 2 smelly boys living in the basement. Albert is going job hunting tomorrow so looks like hes staying. He has a job in Merrit just no place to stay. I like having him here although he likes to take over the TV every chance he gets. It might change next month when I take the digital box back. He does have his own TV in the basement. Its ok but I'm not paying 20 bucks a month for the rental and basic digital channels. The movie channels are not bad but they are not cheap either. I'm happy with the basic cable with TSN, CMT, and survivor LOL

I decided earlier today that I was going to take the comments off my blog. There are a few ppl that leave comments but for the most part ppl just like to read it and say nothing. I noticed on Mikes blog tonight he mentioned about no one leaving a comment. After you spend the time writeing a post its nice if people acknowledge it and say a couple words. I try to do a couple posts a week but some times there is just nothing going on. I don't like to cut and paste although I don't mind some of them I see on other blogs. Besides I have a tracker and know when ppl have been on my blog. I might slow down and eventually stop posting on here but will keep my photo blog and football blog going. Plus football is getting ready to go again as they are practising sunday nights and in about 8 weeks is rookie camp followed by spring camp 2 weeks later. I still do the Lacrosse web site which will be starting camp soon as well.

Last but not least I will be going to the post office in the morning. I have a cd that I owe Tara and I added a short video that Terry sent me taken at Dad's last birthday party. I have put it on a cd for Terry and Annette as well. I'm waiting to hear if Hadi has a pair of Canucks tickets for me....crossing my fingers !!!

Take care all and feel free to email me...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Car update and more

Well the car trouble is still ongoing. I know there is a short somewhere that drains the battery so I disconect it when not in use and that has worked fine. On the way to work monday I had to hit the brakes hard and everything electrical shut down for a few seconds. I turned off everything not needed. When I got to work I turned the car of and when I tried it didn't start again. After work I got someone to boost me and made it 2 blocks before dying again. I walked back to work to get someone to boost me again. He stuck with me a couple blocks and had to boost me a couple more times. I ended up calling Patty and she drove to Nanaimo with her Aunt. We boosted the car again and this time I made it to Ladysmith (Pam Andersons home town) where it died 2 more times. Next time it died I was in my driveway. There has to be a bad connection with the altinator for the car to lose power like it does. If the Alt was good and the battery wasn't the car would still be able to drive not useing radio and lights. I'm going to take off the wireing harness as I had to replace the old one that burned up in Ontario. I have checked the connections and they seem good as I can't pull them apart but I'll look anyways. I've tried following the wires looking for a short but its not easy. To top that off I now have a cold and feel like crap. Woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat. I'm trying not to pass it on to Patty because how can she take care of me and pamper me when we are both sick. I'd make her do it but I might feel a little bad LOL.

Its a girl
Last night when I got home from work Patty woke up and surprised me telling me we now have a daughter. She is 8 years old, cute as a button and her name is Haley. She will be taking over the spare room upstairs. I'm hoping she doesn't stink like the 2 boys we have dwelling in our basement.

Readers digest version of the story....

Patty is Haley's aunt and she lives in the same complex that we do. Her dad is aunty's son and he lives in Edmonton. Haley's mom has been going through a rough time lately and all her other kids were taken by their dads before Christmas. I think there were four and one of them went to Edmonton to live with Haly's dad. I'm not sure of all the details yesterday but apparently suicide was mentioned, the cops were called, Haley's mom got tazzered and taken away for a few days so social services talked to Patty about her staying here. Shes a good kid but she eats too much and likes to watch the same dumb cartoons that Ben watches in the morning only Ben goes to school an hour earlier and since I get up 10 minutes before driving him I don't see much of the cartoons.....untill now ! I won't see much of her since she'll be at school or sleeping when I get home from work so I'll make the best of our time by trying to teach her stuff like fetch items for me and to stay out of my chair and to never EVER take the last diet coke in the fridge.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Drive with pictures for Alice to steal

Well the last few days havn't been to great weather wise so it was a nice surprise to wake up to sunshine today. Patty asked me what I'd like to do and I said what about driving to Coombs and to Parksville. Her oldest son Albert has been staying with us for a while but is heading back to Merrit this week as he has a job waiting for him. He has never been to Parksville and I thought he might like to see it. Ben had decided to stay home so the 3 of us got ready and left. We drove to Parksville first and went for a walk on the beach where Patty and I collected a few shells. It was a bit cool but pretty sunny. We wondered around for a bit then we stopped to take a few pictures.

Next we headed to Coombs but then I decided we should go to Cathedral Grove to show Albert the huge Cedar trees. We had to pass the Coombs Market and noticed it was closed for the winter (January and february). We drove on pass to Cathral Grove where we walked around the short trails that wind through the trees. Again we stopped here and there for some picture taking. It did start to rain a wee bit but nobody was complaining.

After spending some time there we headed for some place to eat but again I decided to make another pit stop. We stopped at a place called Little Qaulicum Falls where we again had to take a trail through the woods to a river and then eventually we reached the Falls. As usual I took the time to snap a few photos.

The sun was shining again and the walk was nice but now we were starving so we hopped into the car and headed into Qaulicum Beach to find a place to eat. We stopped at a little place right on the Ocean and sat next to the window with a beautifull view overlooking the water. We all pigged out on fish and chips and then headed home. It was a great day to be outside and I'm glad we got out and enjoyed it.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Car update

Well I took the battery in to Canadian tire to get it checked out and they said it seemed ok but they would charge it over night and test it again. So I decided to take my altinator in when I picked up my battery and they tested it and told me it was fine. They figure something is shorting out and draining the battery. So the last few days when I get home from work or when I go to work I take the negative lead off the battery when its going to be sitting any length of time. Seems to be working except that tonight when I got home my fan belt was broken. Will have a look at it in the morning to see whats up.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines day !!!!!

Well I got home around 12:10 last night and normally I grab a bite to eat and sit in front of the TV for an hour or so but I decided to head upstairs to update everyone on my car. The computer room is just past our bedroom and I noticed when I went by the bedroom there was some light so I thought oh Patty must have been worried if I'd make it home or not with my car and fell asleep with the TV on. As I touched the door I noticed there was something on it and when I pushed open the door I could see in the light it was a huge heart. As I looked up into the room there were candles lit all around the room and there was my beautifull wife sitting up on the bed waiting for me. On the bed beside her in my spot was about 50 little hearts that say "I Love You" a card and some Valentine chocolates. I've never felt this loved before and I love this woman with all my heart. I look forward to waking up every morning with Patty and don't know what I'd do without her. We have so many firsts to do together since weve known each other for such a short time but if this is any indication of whats in store I can't wait.

I Love you Patty Cakes.....FOR NOW - FOREVER

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Just when I thought I had nothing...

Well yesterday after I posted and was feeling good about my brakes being fixxed and working steady wouldn't you know it. Something bad had to come my way. When I went out to leave for work my car wouldn't start so I got a boost. I was driving down the road when I noticed my signals were not working. I had to stop at the lights and then nothing....the car died. A guy in a pickup heading the opposite way asked if I needed a hand and I said yes so he parked his truck and we pushed the car into a parking lot. I tried boosting it another couple times and it would start but die soon after. So I walked home and called into work to tell them I probably wouldn't be in. Apparentl half of the shift hadn't shown up either. So today I have to go and try to get it going. I'm not positive but it might be the alternator. I'm going to take the battery out of Patty's car and put it in mine to get it home.

Today I saw Maison online for a couple minutes and asked him for some photoshop help. This is the result.

Thanks Maison although I had to finaly get it working on my own but thats a good thing LOL. Maison got me well on my way then I had to work at it which makes it more worth the feeling of accomplishing something.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Hello out there

Well nothing much to blog about lately. I've been working steady the last 2 weeks. Will be nice to get a paycheck next week. The weather has changed a bit. Last week we had nice sunny days about 6C but by night fall the temp dropped and I'd have to scrap off the windshield leaving work. This week the temp has been at least 6C but not as cool in the evening but rain off and on all day. I still prefur that to snow and -10 or worse even when working outside. My brakes started grinding last week but this week it got worse so yesterday in the morning when we had a break in the rain Ben and I pulled off the front tires and changed the pads. The insides were metal on metal. I tried to let Ben do most of the work and he enjoyed getting his hands dirty. Brakes work like a charm now. It was Patty's birthday on the 6th and the Sunday before I invited her aunts over for supper where I did chicken and mashed potatoes. The first time I had talked to Patty's mom on the phone she asked if I could make mashed potatoes. I know why now because I make a huge pot of them and everyone goes back for seconds and thirds. Hardley enough left over to fry the next day for one or two ppl. I'm trying to decide on what to make this Sunday. I might make a Lasagna or Ben says he likes meatloaf. Patty really enjoys when I cook on Sundays. I tell her to stay out of my kitchen and put on my Ipod and go to town. She tells me to leave everything and she'll clean up and I tell her not to worry about it. The house is slowly starting to come together. We have my wolf prints on the wall in the living room and the guest bedroom is done except for some pictures on the wall. Patty is going to go through my photos and pick out a couple for me to enlarge. I'm hoping this weekend might be nice so I can get out my camera and take some more photos. I hope 3 weeks from now that Patty and I will be in Ucluelet on the west coast of the island. They have some nice walking trails and Long Beach which is very long and sandy. We might even see a Gray Whale or two as they are known to start migrating past there this time of year. Well thats all I have for now but I'll try to post something this weekend.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Love and other borring stuff

I just finished my first full week back at work. Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon cleaning up around the machine and built some dividers to separate different sizes and lengths of wood. The boss was impressed. Today I got to take a delivery to Duncan I think it was a gift for doing such a swell job. The boss showed me the map and said do you know where this is in Duncan. I didn't get a good look but said yes right away because I wanted to do this delivery and not have him give it to someone who does know the area better than I do. After the foreman and I loaded the pickup truck and tied down the truss' I went inside to get the paperwork. I was looking it over and asked if the highlighted area was where I had to deliver the goods and they said yes. I started to laugh because they were going to Truesdale Rd where it just so happens I recently moved to. I can look out the back door and see the place across the street. Of course I had to stop in and see the wife seeing as I was so close. Working the afternoon shift we don't see much of each other. This is where the love part comes into the post so some of you may want to stop reading if you haven't already.

I know that we are still in the newly wed time of the marriage but this is all so new to me. I like when I stopped in at home for 10 minutes she was so happy to see me. She gave me a big hug or two said how much she misses me and then gets me a plate of spaghetti and a diet coke. She sits and talks to me while I wolf down my meal then gives me a hug and a kiss or two as I get ready to leave. She tells me she loves me and that she cant wait for me to get home tonight. Besides this, all week I've been getting home at midnight but I get a pop and a bag of popcorn and sit in front of the tv for at least an hour to wind down before heading to bed. When I go upstairs I try to be quiet but she always wakes up and asks me how my day was. We usually chat for a while then when I roll over to go to sleep she gives me a back rub. I tell her how lucky I am to have met her and she says she feels the same way. She is never mad when I wake her or grumpy when she gets up a couple hours later for work. She usually wakes me before leaving and and we chat before saying goodbye for the day. I don't think we have ever disagreed on anything yet. Last Saturday I woke up real sore from my first day back to work because after a couple weeks off I had one of the most tiring days I've ever had at Atlas. Within 10 minutes of waking up in walks Patty with breakfast. Other than being sick or finishing off a can of diet coke that's next to the bed I don't think I've ever had breakfast in bed. Especially when its not even on a special occasion. From the day we met I knew she was the one for me and that's why I had no problem asking her to marry me and rushing right into it. I treat her pretty good as well like last Sunday when she wasn't feeling 100% I went shopping, bought groceries and made a Roast turkey breast with carrots and probably the best mashed potatoes I've ever made. Actually the past two Sundays I've done some sort of roast and potatoes meal. I told her that I think every Sunday we should have a nice sit down meal instead of the quick meals we have all week. I truly enjoy putting my ipod on and kicking her out of the kitchen to prepare a meal and I know she likes it too once in a while. I put 110% into this relationship and I get back that and more. I guess I just want everyone to know that I am happy and you don't need to worry about me any more. We are talking about going to Ontario as soon as we can but it may not be this summer as I was hoping. The guy that interviewed me for the job at Pacific Truss a couple weeks ago asked if I had any plans that would take me away from the job this summer as he said it is very busy in the summer and they couldn't allow it. I told him no. So if I do get the job I'll have to wait till next summer or maybe even next Christmas ??

On a last note I got my pay for the one day I worked and even after I told them I was going to be leaving they still gave me a dollar raise. I had told them if they gave me 2 I would stay a minimum of 6 months. I kept track of the kms for the delivery today and it is 65kms each way.