Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday we we down to Adam and Mary's. When I saw we I mean Patty Ben and myself. Mary was having a baby shower for Nadine and Joey who are having their second child. When we first got there Ben and I took Gwen to the park so Mary and Patty could finish getting stuff ready and the shower and tidy up a bit. As usual I took my camera. It was a little disappointing at the park when we saw that the baby swing was gone. But Ben took Gwen on the big swing and she didn't seem to mind. She did the slide and we played tag then we stopped at the fountain so Gwen could toss some coins in and make some wishes. She sure has a lot of wishes or she wants one so bad she kept asking for coins but we eventually ran out.

We went back to the house where we started sneaking the goodies that had been put out. Shortly after Nadine and Joey showed up with Jacob and I found a friend to play outside with then the others showed up. I'm sorry I'm terrible with names so I won't be able to put them down here. It was strange being at the shower but soon I got into all the games that were going on. I didn't like the game where you had to taste the baby food and try to guess what it was. I got every one of them wrong. Eventually we all ended up out side and I sat with my camera trying to get at least one picture of every one. As you will see I got lots of the little ones cause they are just so cute! I have to give credit to Joey who took a couple of these photos and to some one else who took the last 3 photos that surprised me when I uploaded them to my computer. Thanks all it was great meeting you and I had fun!

Ben and I went off to the go carts but I didn't take my camera. I should have cause I went on once with Ben then Ben went on again with a bunch of other people. I could have got some good shots of him. Oh by the way I beat Ben in our race! He says I cheated but going into the last turn before the pit I gave his car a bit of a rub and he couldn't control his car and spun out. The girl running it said it was just a rub totally legal LOL

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today my daughter Denesha and I went whale watching. The water was pretty rough so I only took a few photos. Mostly I stood and watched without my camera. We saw quite a few Orcas. The American police were out patrolling keeping the whale watchers back from the whales. They are going to ruin the industry. At one time you would go up a long ways in front of the whales and shut off the boat and let them come to you. You were basically a big log on the ocean and no one got hurt. Now you must keep the boat running and if they are coming within 100 meters you have to get your boat out of there. The whales don't swim straight so there is a possibility of one getting run over. The police boats actually patrol within 100 meters of the whales. We still had a lot of fun.

On the way back we found a lone Grey whale patrolling the shores for food. We watched him surface about 5 times before we headed back in to port. I bought some fish to let Denesha feed the seals that hag out at Fisherman's Wharf. We had tried before but never got a good picture.

Tomorrow Patty and I are heading to Langford for a baby shower for Joey and Nadine. I'm hoping Ben comes along and we can take Gwen for a walk then I want to go do something fun with Ben but I won't tell him what it is. He is trying to get a job and Tim Horton's may call him in the morning so he really doesn't want to go! He may change his mind.