Monday, December 06, 2010

It's a boy

Well for a couple weeks I had been avoiding the tenant in #18. Her dog had a litter of pups and I knew I'd get the bug if I saw them. One night I was out and she came and asked if I'd mind taking a pup down to #15 as they were going to be getting this particular one. I didn't want to but I tucked it into my jacket and delivered it to Myra and her family. They were surprised and happy and I must say it is a cute little thing.

Thursday evening I was walking back from the garbage bin when #18 called me over. She handed me a little black pup and said take it home and show your wife. I said I don't know she won't be home for a while and she said go ahead you can play with it for a while. So I took it home and Ben started trying to come up with a name for it. I told him don't get attached if his mom didn't want it then it would go back.

By the time Patty got home I was pretty attached to him already but stayed strong when I showed it to Patty. She didn't seem to like the idea at first but after sitting on the floor with it for a short while I knew she was getting attached too. Patty came up with the name Dante said it was from the movie Dantes Peak. I think she liked Pierce Brosnan and that's how she came up with the name.

The first night I had Dante in a box beside the bed and when ever it fussed I took it downstairs so Patty could try and get some sleep. The second night I ended up sleeping on the couch with Dante and he slept pretty much the whole night. The next night I was at work and when I got home Dante was upstairs sleeping in our bed with Patty. She ended up bringing him down to me as I was watching a late repeat of the finals from Ultimate Fighting TV show. I took him back upstairs with me and we slept the whole night.

Last night I took him outside in the back yard before bed and he had a pee and poo. Then he slept with us the whole night again. He likes the bottom of the bed near Patty's feet. In the morning when Patty woke up he was getting a bit wrestles so I got up and took him out in the back yard and he peed and pooed again. He had one accident in the house today when I walked him back from #15. He played and peed in the grass but waited to poo by the front door. I just got in from taking him outside where he had a pee in the back yard. I'm so proud of my little boy. Right now I'm listening to him whine a bit. When he was in the kitchen eating I snuck upstairs to write this. It's his first time being alone. He whines and barks a bit then is very quiet. I think hes trying to come upstairs or hes at the bottom knowing I'm up here. Got to get him used to being on his own .... I just turned around to see him coming in my room behind me all proud. He just made it up a whole flight of stairs by himself. I think we have our hands full now LOL.