Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

Well I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I know I did. Patty and I were up and had to make a ton of noise to get the boys up. Patty made bacon and eggs but Al doesn't like fried eggs so being it was Christmas I made him scrambled eggs. Don't expect that any other time Al.

Al got an ipod and Ben got a train set as well as other goodies in their stocking. Patty had a very Twilight Christmas with all the books and some pillow cases with the two main guys faces plastered all over them. She also got some pj's and other goodies. I got a new camera so I don't have to lug my big canon camera around with me as much. A nice Nikon coolpix camera and some other goodies including a snuggies Canuck blanket! We pretty much just lounged around the house till two pm (we meaning the guys as Patty was cleaning as usual) We then headed down to Langford to take Christmas presents that Santa had left here by mistake for Gwen and company. Gwen was sure spoiled as she should be! It was nice with all the family as well as Mary's dad and sister. The meal was awesome and I ate so much I had to have a nap then I had to bring desert home with me. Patty and I just happened to be up real early this morning so we went downstairs to have a bite and I ate my desert. Patty went back to bed and I stayed up and played hockey on the PS3 and watched some movies while picking through some junk food lying around. Then I went over to Wal-Mart and grabbed some stuff for next Christmas. Patty had a small village that she had under the tree and I picked up 3 or 4 pieces to help build the village up a little. She was quite happy with my purchases. I also bought a tub to pack them in for next Christmas.

Before Christmas Ben and I went out and got a real tree and then Patty worked her magic in decorating it. Its gotta be the nicest tree I have ever had as she did a great job. She even put my wolf decorations on seeing that our living room is full of wolf stuff. She had told me she always wanted to do a tree like this and again she did a wonderful job of decorating it. I told her not to bother with the motorcycle decorations and she said she didn't mind but I think she was relieved LOL. I've had them for quite a while and they were on last years tree so that was good enough for me.

I managed to chat with Annette and Terry briefly yesterday on line and just got off the phone with Robert. I liked that he called me as I was going to try to call him tomorrow cause I believe we should try and stay in touch more often. One day I'd like to write on here about how much I looked up to him when I was younger. I thought him and Mike lived the best life LOL. Except for the Vette I'm not sure what happened there but because of him I've always wanted a Jeep and had one briefly but the Vette wasn't him and although it got a lot of attention when he allowed me to take it to school it was like driving a tank.

Well a belated Merry Christmas to all hope you had a good one and all the best in the New Year! Now that Christmas is over I have my anniversary to look forward too. After that I'm going to start saving my money and hopefully in August we will be able to fly out to Ontario this time with Ben. I figured since the last time I was there it was for Shawn and Marriannes wedding then why shouldn't we be there around the time of the birth of their first child. Congratulations to them!!! I know they have been trying for a while and I told Terry that if Shawn needed help I would step in for him to help him out LOL. Both Terry and Patty called me a pig but hey it's family and I'd do what I had to do although I might not enjoy it....yeah right LOL. Well congrats again and hopefully we will be there when your son or daughter is born.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A couple days after my last post I decided to take a quick drive to the ocean after dropping Ben off at school. We had been having some really nice sunrises and was hoping to get a shot or two. I wanted to go to the Old Stone Church (Butter Church) to see about getting some silhouettes. The church is not on the best angle and has a lot of growth around it making it hard to get a good position for shooting it with the ocean in the background. I did get a couple shots of the corner while trying to stay out of the native cemetery next to the church. I later tried to get a shot through the window from inside but the tripod and I are both a little short. I did get a couple shots that I think are nice and I had fun with my camera which I haven't done in a while. Now that winter is here I haven't seen a nice sunrise recently although it looked like it would have been a good one this morning except that it was raining. I could see a tinge of red far off in the distance. Almost done my Christmas shopping but I'll save that for my next post. 4 days till Christmas!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

UP date

Working hard and getting ready for Christmas !!! No snow but very VERY cold at night. Not many customers shopping at Wal Mart after midnight but that will change as Christmas gets closer. Friday night Patty and I are going to a Christmas party in Courtenay then Saturday its the family one at Uncle Jim's place. Last one there as he sold the place and they are in the middle of moving. The party in Courtenay is for the management company we work for. They are putting us up in a room for the night which will be nice. A little get away. Our anniversary is coming up, 2 more years till we celebrate in Vegas! I'd like to say I love Patty the same today as when we first got married but I'd be lying .... I love her more and more each day. Patty got her H1N1 vaccine the other day .... her arm where she got the needle hurt the next day but other than that shes fine. Ben got his but haven't heard how his arm is. My Ipod is still fascinating me. Last night during lunch at Wal Mart I was watching some footage of the Victoria secret pageant that will be airing on TV. I also have a virtual dog that I tend too a couple times a day. Its a golden retriever. Very cute pup and hasn't made a mess on the floor or chewed anything up yet! I can also check up on the headlines for Facebook and post comments. Best thing is there is no Farmville on the ipod LOL. Well thats all for now I'll post one or two more times before Christmas. Hope your all healthy and happy and that the weather isn't too bad where your at. Oh and I can check that on my ipod too!!!