Thursday, October 30, 2008

Serens Postal Videos

This is the singer that Patty and I saw in a hippy cafe a year or so ago. She has an album comming out soon so check these out !

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm a bachelor

Well it was a busy week since the birth of little Gwen. She finally got to go home today as she had yellow Jaundice and was kept in till today. She is now home and so now I have lost my wife for the week. Patty has gone to help Mary and Adam out so they can get some rest. It's only been a few hours but I sure do miss her. Ben is bugging me like crazy and when shes home he leaves me alone and bugs her.

Saturday was a big day for me. Went to Nanaimo for a football game and watched my V.I. Raiders win the Cullen Cup or BCFC championship. Next week they go to Saskatoon to take on the Hilltops and if they win that they go to Montreal to play for the Canadian Championship.

While watching the game (taking 600 photos) I was talking to Krista Charke a photographer from the Nanaimo Daily News. I was asking her if she was going to the fights that night. She said no cause she was off at 6pm and she asked if I was going. I told her yes because my cousin Corey was fighting his first pro MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight. She asked if I was taking my camera and I said if they let me in with it. She then told me that no one from the paper was going and if I'd like she'd get me a press pass and if I got any good shots they could use one in the paper. I gave her my info then went and hung out with the Raiders after their win. Then I called her at 6:30 and she said to go to the arens and ask for Rob. I did and next thing I know I'm ringside at the fights. Front row was $200 bucks and I was in front of them. While talking to the other photographers they said there was a platform we could use but we had to put in for what fight we wanted. I told them I was only interested in Corey's fight and they said no problem. So there I was not only ringside but above the cage for Corey's fight. I am now hooked on live MMA fighting.

I took a few hundred photos and one was published in the Daily News Monday and I took some of Corey's photos to the local paper and they said they would probably do a story and use one of my photos. So published in 2 different papers in the same week and have a new Grand daughter!!!!!! Life is good. The local paper has taken my name and number and if they need a photographer they will give me a call. Just fill in when they are busy or someone is sick. One of their main photographers Andrew comes into Wal-Mart all the time and I saw him today and he told me they had just talked to Corey and they had called the gym earlier. He saw a couple of my photos and said he liked them. I took the photos to the Gym and the guy gave me 20 bucks for a few of them for his wall. I probably could have got more but I hate putting a price on my stuff. Patty said she will do it for me LOL. She is my best fan....when she is here. Now I'm back where I began, missing her!

Love you babe dont stay away too long !!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a girl !!!!

Wednesday morning at 3:00am the labour pains begain. There was a trip to the hospital some tests done but they were sent home being told should be within 24 hours. Thursday morning more contractions and another trip to the hospital. Again they were checked out but were told after a couple tests they could return home. But then the water broke. So they were set up in a room and monitored and we were given a phone call and went to the hospital to wait. I'm not even sure of the time but it was around dinner time when one of the nurses said there is news from that room but thats all she could say. About 15 minutes later Adam appeard and gave his mom a big hug and said its a girl. He had to go back in the room but said he would come and get us when we were allowed. Shortly after he came and got his mom but because Mary was feeding the baby they didn't want the prying us of two extra men in there.

When Patty came out we went for a drive to get some food for Adam and us and when we returned they were in the process of moving Mary, Adam and Gwen. Mary was cute as ever and you could see shed been through a lot but she gladly smiled for some photos. Shes been a real sport through this all because I've always had the camera in tow and she has never said no to a photo op.

We spent about an hour with them but could see they were both so tired so we left to go feed their cats and to get some rest our selves. Not sure what time but we will be heading back today taking some food with us as they will both be very hungry.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

About time

I just went on and noticed that I hadn't posted in a while. Guess it is too late to talk about the Ikea trip. Oh well next time we go I'll tell you all about it.

Not a whole lot going on. Last weekend Patty's sister, her guy, and a good friend of Patty's came from Merritt for a visit. We were supposed to go out Friday night but the women went to Wal-Mart and the guys stayed home watching sports on tv or something. I had just picked up a digital box for our tv downstairs so we were checking out all the options. We were laughing at the titles for the pay per view porn channels as well as checking out the Pay On Demand stuff. One of the things you can get on the POD channel is survivor which I had missed the first two weeks so we got for 99 cents. Will probably watch the third one today. On the Saturday I went to football in Nanaimo after I had made breakfast for everyone. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast and coffee. And this wasn't just to help smooth over the fact that I was ditching everyone to go see a football game. They had planned on coming the week before but I was going to the Lions game and told Patty the following weekend would be better and then that way she could go with me. And I was right it was better cause I was only gone a few hours not 2 days LOL. They all went to Aunties and Mary and Adam showed up for a BBQ and then I went there after football. Always a fun time at Aunties. Sunday morning we went for breakfast then they had to head out and catch a ferry home. That's when we all sat back and got caught up on survivor. I think Patty is hooked now.

This weekend is a long weekend. Happy Gobble Gobble to everyone. My weekend was extended because the boss said there wasn't enough work for Friday so we took it off. Friday I had to go to school and pick up Ben. Seems like this kid that had been bullying Ben since last year wanted to fight Ben. He didn't have his friends behind him so Ben met him at lunch time. Kid changed his mind but Ben got in a couple to ease his frustrations from the last year. The principal was pretty good about it. Said he knew Ben was just saving face so instead of the minimum 3 day suspension and the suspension assignment Ben got 1 day and has to make up the work he is missing. Patty and I now have to go to see the principal Tuesday. The fight is supposed to be on youtube. If I find it I'll put a link. Ben is still playing guitar and taking lessons and seems to enjoy it. I think Patty got a bit on video the other day I'll have to check it out and post it.

Saturday was another football day. It was the first playoff game and after a slow start 17-10 at half time the final was 47-10. Last week the Raiders played after hearing that an ex teammate had died in a car crash. This weekend the team that they will meet next week had to play after one of their teammates was killed on his motorcycle on his way home from practise Friday night. What a tough thing for these boys to have to do. They played Saturday beating the team from Surrey.

After the game I met the family at aunties for a turkey dinner. Now I believe most of you know that my favourite grape is the concorde grape. Well after dinner I was given a pair of scissors and a bag and got to go out in the back yard and cut concorde grapes right off the vine to take home. Oh my god were they ever good. I love you Jim LOL. I probably ate as many as I was putting in the bag. They dark ones were ready but the green ones need a little longer. mmmmmm mmmm mmmmmmmm I had only had the green ones once before when I went into the store and thats all they had. I tried a couple first then bought a huge basket of them. They are just as good.

Today not much is going on. Going for brunch with a friend of ours then to help her move furniture. Tomorrow we are going to Adam and Mary's for a half veggie half turkey dinner. I'm going to skip the veggie half. The baby is due real soon and they were at the Dr's friday and things are in motion. The baby's heart beat is slowing down and its dropping and getting in position. We are now sleeping with the phone in our room. I've warned everyone at work that I may not make it in or may have to leave suddenly. Patty and I are both very excited. Adam is a little nervous and Mary just wants it out LOL. Well I hope I have everyone caught up now.