Monday, March 02, 2015

Here are a few shots from last week when Patty and I walked to town. It was funny because we didnt know how far we were going and it was a nice day so we just kept walking. Patty had mentioned that we should try different restaurants and places to eat so I suggested we go a bit further and see if we cant get a bite to eat. When she asked how far I said not far just around the corner. After we got around the corner she saw we had to cross the blue bridge. She said are you kidding me and I said really there are places just on the other side. Well of course the places I was thinking of were summer places and were not open lol. We did end up finding a place but she was so worried about leaving Dante tied up outside. I told her he would be fine and that we could see him while we ordered. She quickly made her choice then went outside to sit with the mutt. I think we both got turkey club sandwiches and Patty really didnt care for hers. Said it had no taste. I thought it was good but what do i know lol.After we ate we walked over to the Empress and caught a cab home.

 Following are some photos I took along the way. Some man made shack along the beach and the wierd carvings they have painted and put up for all to Enjoy.