Monday, September 29, 2008

Great Weekend

Well Patty and I went to Vancouver this weekend. I was there to see some football and Patty was there to see some IKEA. The rest of the time we were just going to spend together.

We were trying to figure out what we were going to do because we were meeting Jodi and Scott for dinner and then Patty was going back to our room. If we got a room too far from the stadium then we'd either have to take a cab into meet J & S or drive in then I'd have to rush back to the hotel to drop her off then try and find a parking spot or take a cab to the stadium.

I decided to check a couple of hotels near the stadium. They were more expensive but they were pretty darn fancy and they saved us so much in time and extra money for cabs. After comparing what we might spend to what we would at the hotel closer there wasn't any difference so we got a room. They even upgraded us to a $200 dollar room for free and we could see the stadium out the front window and the restaraunt where we were meeting J & S out the other window. Patty loved it cause she could lay on the bed and watch tv and the stuff going on outside the stadium. We are both people watchers. The set up a band and close off part of the sreet in front of the stadium for tailgate like party.

View from our window
We went for a walk first going upstairs to the pentouse rec room to go out on the balcony and take a look at the city. I took a few photos (of course) then we dropped the camera off at our room and walked around the downtown area. There really isn't a lot to see in that area of the city. Lots of office buildings and hotels for a few blocks then there was a small mall with a London Drugs. Lots of photography stuff in in that store. We did find a street with a few small shops and lots of different styles of food places. We went back to our room to get ready and grab the photo gear and off we went to the restaraunt.

We met Jodi and Scott at the dog pound where I had gone before probably all the other football games I went to in B.C. Place. It was the first time I've met Scott and first time I've seen Jodi since I came back out after dad's funeral 2 years ago. We sat and gabbed and had a good dinner and then it was game time. Scott is a season ticket holder and Jodi probably likes football as much as Patty LOL. We parted ways talking about maybe meeting up after the game then I walked Patty across the street to our room then off to the game I went.

I guess because it was Hamilton playing I was more into the game and only took a few cheerleader pictures. Even though the Cats suck they have been my team for many years. I'm starting to think it might be time for a change. Other than get fans into the stadium since the last owner took over they have not put a product on the field that deserves my time. The new jumbo tron is nice but does nothing for fans that live too far away to go to games. I probably know more players on B.C. than I know on Hamilton and the Lions have been good to me the last 3 years allowing me to go over and take photos on the sidelines. I didn't even know that Lumsden was hurt AGAIN and wasn't playing. I was thinking at least I'd get a few good shots of him. My buddy Lorne who is on the Lions came over and chatted with me before the game. Then he remembererd I was a Hamilton fan. He made a few small jokes but said they do have a couple good players. I might get a Jersey #69 with Plantes name on the back.

Never ended up meeting back up with Jodi and Scott as they left a bit early. Hope your feeling better Jodi. As I walked back to our room from the game I looked up and saw Patty watching out the window. She waived when she saw me. I went up to our room and then we both went up to the roof again to have a look at the night lights and of course to take a few more photos.

Patty and I then returned to our room anticipating our trip to IKEA on Sunday. This is as much as I can tell you as I've said too much already. What happens in Vancouver is supposed to stay in Vancouver.

Keep watch for my next blog "A trip to IKEA" with many photos and exciting details .... (yeah right!!! LMAO)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little golf

Tuesday morning a guy from work and I drove down to Langford to play some golf. The course is right beside the football field where the Raiders kicked some Rebels butts a couple weeks ago. The guy from work was at the golf course the day of the football game. Its a pretty nice course and all par 3. Its been a few years since I last played so I was nervous but didn't do as bad as I thought....well except for my putting. The greens were really fast even though they had dew on them. I did a lot of on in 2 and 3 puts, going way past the hole or going so fast it jumped the hole. It reminded me of KOA but prettier. Lots of nice trees and lots of water. The best thing about it is that we played 18 holes and I never lost a ball. Had 4 chances at a birdie (got one) and stayed out of the water. On the 5th hole we had to hit over 6 deer only I didn't go over I landed right near them. I wish I had my camera with me because the early light was nice and the deer were standing on their hind legs eating leaves off of the trees. I told Max that if I had my camera he'd probably have to finish with out me as there were way too many photo ops right in front of us.

Saturday Patty and I are heading to Vancouver and Jodi might be at the game. Maybe we can meet up early for lunch ? I'm going to be taking my bright red V.I.Raiders jacket to wear so if you happen to be watching the game you know what to look for. Hopefully it won't be too warm in there for the jacket in which case I'll tie it around my waist. I'm going to try not to wear a hat so I stand out a bit more. I am going to be able to borrow a good lens after all. My buddy Scott is going to hook me up. I'm usually standing about 15 yards down from the line of scrimmage to get receivers catching the ball or the running back coming out of a hole in the line. I find this to be the best spot to stand. Or over by the cheerleaders LOL. I have to get a few pictures for Ben to show off to his friends at school! Will post pictures after the weekend.

Thanks to Mandy and Dennis for making a song sudgestion even though Dennis picked the song I said I wouldn't use. Shows how good he actually reads my blog. I've decided to go with the circle of life by Elton John. I've got it pretty much done just have to burn it to a DVD and deliver it. 3 more weeks till the new arival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Soon to be mommy

Today Patty and I went to Adam and Mary's for lunch and I took a few photos. I just messed around in photo shop for 5 minutes before going to bed and made the following. I'll do a better cleaner job tomorrow when I can spend the time.

Patty and I got a new bed and is it ever nice. Except for the fact that its so tall we need a step ladder to get in it. All our furniture in our room looks so small. We can't even see the TV because the beds higher than it. I've decided to go and buy a 32 inch flat screen and mount it to the wall. Next will be an Xbox 360 since the price has dropped quite a bit. I'll never leave the room then LOL

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I need some help!

I'm putting a slide show together for Mary and Adam on my computer. Its photos of different stages of the pregnancy. My problem is I can't find a good song to use with the photos. If you have any ideas please leave it in a comment or email me Here! with any suggestions. Paul Anka's shes having my baby isn't as nice as I thought it was lol. Patty and I are wracking our brains over this.

Thank You for your help!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I hate facebook!!!!

I've never been a facebook addict but I do pop on every day to see what ppl are up to or to post some pictures to the football web site. It was pretty good until they went to the new facebook. I can't check out my friends list or even leave comments and the feedback button doesn't work either. If you notice my page on facebook I don't add any of the extra crap I just try to keep it simple. Some ppl still send me the invites and if your one of them, just so you know I hit ignore on every single one of them even from my wife lol.Going to try and do more blogging. By the way welcome to facebook Annette LOL.

Dennis made a comment about me being back to blogging which I never really left I just didn't have anything to put on here. It wasn't till Mike said something about seeing my blog about nothing he's thinking of getting back into blogging. I do check his blog now and then but that's about the only one. It's funny because I think I don't have anything to blog about then I sit down and start typing and stuff just keeps popping in my head. Hmmmmm doesn't seem to be working today. Must be because I'm so freaking tired. Working 3 jobs is starting to get to me. I'm lucky if I get 3 or 4 hours of sleep a day. Except for weekends I sleep pretty good at night but I hate sleeping in because I don't want to miss anything especially since the weather has been so good! Today its a little overcast but they called for 25C again.

This weekend (Saturday) Patty and I are going to visit Adam and Mary. I'm going to try and take some nice pregnancy photos. No not the act of getting someone pregnant cause they are already 8 months past that. Just some nice pictures of the happy expecting couple and the big baby bump in Mary's belly. Auntie Irene was so ticked that Mary is still tiny and has no stretch marks that she said to Mary I hope your Uterus falls out. Thats the Auntie Irene we all know and love LOL. Mary was a bit shocked cause she has met Auntie Irene only a couple times (lucky girl) so hasn't gotten to see all the nuances that Auntie has to share with every one.

Looking forward to our new Sealy posterpedic bed which is arriving tomorrow. We have the new bed frame set up in the spare room which used to be our room before Aunt Claire moved in but now that shes gone it will be ours again. Patty really likes change and she always asks me what I think before she does something but as long as she likes it I'm going to like it. It's not as big as a deal to me. All I know is that where ever our bed ends up and as long as Patty is sleeping in it then I will soon follow.

Looking forward to our Vancouver trip in two weekends. Patty and I are going to go to Vancouver early Saturday the 27th and walk around the downtown area after finding a room to stay in. Then shes going to relax in our room looking at her Ikea catalogue dreaming about our shopping trip there on Sunday while I'm at the football game. I'm hoping I can borrow a good lens to use but since the Raiders are playing that day both ppl I know with a 2.8 lens will be using them. Sunday we are going to try and meet up with Jodi and her new beau and/or maybe her kids and Joan. Its been over 2 years since I've seen them.

Oh yeah I knew I had something else I wanted to mention...

Our cousin Kevin has a son Corey who has just turned professional and will have his first fight in Nanaimo in October. Going to try and get a photo pass but if not me and the family will probably go watch it any ways. Wishing him good luck !!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random stuff

First off I want to say happy birthday to Ben. It was on Sept 10 same as dad and I didn't forget or miss it but since this is first blog in a bit I had to say it or at least wanted to say it. Ben is a good kid and we get along very well. I often have to tell Patty it was me that started the horsing around cause she yells at Ben to stop. She says she thinks I'm smart enough that I'll stop what I'm doing when she tells Ben to stop.......oh OK now that you told me that I am smart enough sheesh. Ben is now 14 and a regular pain in the ass teenager but we love him any way. So much so that Patty and I got Ben and electric guitar and amp last Sunday as his gift. He's not ready for us to tape him yet but yesterday he played the full song Folsom Prison Blues for us in the living room and totally messed up what we were watching on Ellen. Damn teenager doesn't he know not to interrupt Ellen. Ticked me off so much I was going to kick him right in the ass right then and there in the living room but Patty was there and she would have gotten mad at me. I'll get him another time just wait and see ha ha ha ha (evil laugh) Actually Ben played so well I think we will get him lessons sooner than later cause later comes after and sooner comes now and hes practising real good now so why make him wait till later cause he might pick up bad habits and better to nip them in the butt sooner than later.....oh I think I said something like that already. I've gone off so much about Ben I don't think I'll talk any more about his birthday or his ice cream cake with the skull and cross bones on it cause he might get the wrong impression and think that I actually like him which I do but not a good idea for him to know that ... for certain... at this moment in time!

Another topic

Yesterday I was going through some paper work to get rid of some old files in a box and came across the name James Dauphinee. Apparently a person by that name lived in these town houses a few years ago. I showed Patty but she didn't get what it meant at the time till I explained that everyone she met at Theresa's house is a Dauphinee. Then she got it. Shes way better at that stuff cause if a say Theresa did this or that (nothing bad Theresa I only tell good stuff and there is not much good stuff its all bad so I probably don't mention your name at all just using it as an example in this story although I do say at Theresa's house but I should probably say Theresa and Wayne's house but for some reason I don't)Patty will say Theresa is Aunt Jan's daughter who is your dad's sister and I'll say huh.... oh yeah right and explain the Mike, Mickey, Laurie and Theresa are my my cousins thing. So any ways a James Dauphinee once lived here !

I just received confirmation back from the B.C. Lions that I can take photos on the sidelines at the Hamilton B.C. game in a couple weeks!!! I'm pretty excited but not sure why cause Hamilton really sucks. I have been to two Hamilton games I think....I know Paul and I went to one game. This will be the first taking photos. My buddy went last year and took a few pictures for me but I really only like to hang my own pictures on my walls other than Mama sittas paintings/drawings and my wolf prints and a couple of aunties drawings. I hope to get some good shots of Lumsden hes about the only good player on the team right now. One strange point I wanted to say here is that Patty my wife who hates football told me yesterday that the Cats fired the coach. How does she know that and not me ? I have watched some games and good thing they are in the evening and put me to sleep but I don't really follow them or go to the web site for news about them.

I'm still working hard still working three jobs just to support my wife in a style that she is unaccustomed too. If I quit one of my jobs she will probably dump me cause shes enjoying the life style she has now and will need to find a rich dude to marry to keep her at the life style which she is getting accustomed to now!

OK now about work!

There are only two of us on graveyards so tonight I'm taking in a small bbq to cook lunch on. The other person had mentioned it and I said I had a small bbq and could bring it in. Will do some burgers up for us I think. That wasn't what I had planned on talking about but it just popped in my head so I said it to help me remember.

Vic Truss has built some new offices for the salesmen and reception area to look more professional. We are also starting to sell windows, flooring and stairs. In the reception area behind the counter there are three huge posters made from photos I took. And two days ago I sold the owner two more photos that I had taken recently. He told me hes interested in local photos to put up in the new offices so I'm getting some ideas and going to be taking lots more pictures now. Last night I took my camera in to take photos of my photos on the wall.