Sunday, December 31, 2006

Our Wedding

Our Wedding Day

Well the big day is finaly here. I'm pretty excited and so is Patty. Going to be a very small wedding. I never got over to Pauls to invite them but I did run into Dimples and mentioned it to her but she is working today. I should give Paul a quick call. I want to thank everyone who has left a comment on my last post they are all very nice.

Well I'm off to do some running around before the wedding. Will be thinking of all of you in Ontario. Thanks again for the thoughtfull comments.

I kind of jumped to conclusions earlier on one of the comments and I will appologize to Karl even tho I never mentioned his name. I thought it was a sick joke on his part earlier today. Sorry Karl I allways think its you first.

If Barb actually made the comment then I thank her for it. Its a very nice thing to do. Wish you and Wyatt and Natalie all the best of the new year !!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

3 more days !!!!

Well only 3 more days till the big day. Patty asks me everyday especialy when something comes up with her kids or her aunt if I'm still sure I want to do this. She can't believe that I havn't run away yet. Every night I'm going to bed and every morning I'm waking up beside the woman I love. I've honestly never been so happy. You get shot down so many times in life that you eventualy just give up. You learn to live your life as happy as you can but mostly alone. I seemed to have had better luck out here although there had been some bumps.

People say things like it was never meant to be, things happen for a reason and you'll find it when your not looking. The last one I'm not so sure about because you may not be looking for what you found but you were probably looking for something when you found it. Saying it wasn't meant to be may be right when something doesn't work out may be partially true but I think it just makes it easier to move on after something doesn't work out for you. Things happen for a reason is one I've been thinking about quite a bit lately. I look back over my life the past year or so and if certain things hadn't happened I wouldn't have been able to do some of the things I did. The biggest one is getting to spend as much time as I did with dad. I look at everyone one else who has a family and half decent job and none of them could have given up everything to go be with dad. One way you can look at it is I didn't have much to give up. Very true !! Breaking up with someone I really wasn't happy with, losing my best friend in Nikko, Having a job that payed the bills but wasn't very satisfying made it all easier to just pack up and leave. I got back out here knowing I did everything I could. I know some people may not have been happy and some may have been pissed for reasons I'm still not sure about but I had to do this for me. It is my time. I can't make everyone happy but I can make me happy. This Sunday I plan to do that when I say I do to my future wife Patty. Then monday we move in to our own place where we start building our future together as well as our home furnishings LOL. We went out to the Brick to get a couch but they were sold out so I guess it wasn.t meant to be. But we did find a computer desk for us and that we were not looking for.

Its funny how when you sit down to try and make a post for people to read and all of a sudden all this extra stuff starts pouring out. Well I gotta run and take a shower because Patty will be home from work soon and I want to make lunch for her. Then we might go to Nanaimo to get the last of my things. I'm going to leave them in the trailer till Monday so we don't have to move them too many times.

Doesn't look like the wedding will be on the web cam as I can't find a way for more than one computer to watch it. I still have to see if I can get a video camera but its not on the top of my list. We have the liscence, we have the J.P. and we have witnesses. I think Patty wants it video taped but I hate being on camera but if she says she wants it I'll do it for her. Ok thats it for now cause I need to run and stuff just keeps wanting to pour out. I'll try and do one more post before the big day.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

national JR hockey tourny update #1

Canada has beat Sweden 2-0 in their first game of the tournament. They play USA tomorrow. There were two upsets in the tournament today when Belaruis beat Findland and Germany defeated the USA in O.T. Canada looked strong at the start of the game then decided to cruise for the rest of the game. Thank Goodness for the good goaltending of Price who got the shut-out. Both of Canadas goals came on the powerplay.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to my family and friends in Ontario from me and Patty and our family in Duncan B.C.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas decorations

Here are a few pictures of the Christmas decorations that Aunty Irene has put up. The silver bells in the full room shot are above where we will be standing when we get married. The decorations will be staying up for the wedding and afterwards we will be going out to cellebrate New Years.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Quick wedding update

Just a quick post about the wedding. Its all set for December 31st at 2:00pm Pacific time. Thats when there will be a new Mrs Gower in the family. Will update if anything new comes up.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Work xmas party

Last night Patty and I went to the Atlas Truss Christmas party. It was held at the Cottonwood golf course out near the Nanaimo airport. Patty and I both lucked out and won a door prize. I had told her if she won early to look for an envelope because Hadi the owner has donated Canuck tickets in the pass. Well I was the second person and found no such envelope. I did get 8 nice wine glasses which will be handy when the wedding comes. Patty was last to win and got a radio alarm clock. We both had a good time and the meal was fantastic !!!! But then again I do love turkey potatoes and gravy mmmmmm

I talked to Patty's mom on the phone the other day. She seems like a real nice person but then again everyone I have met from her family is very nice. Her big question to me was can I make mashed potatoes ? Apparently thats a big thing in that family. I told her yes I could but I didn't have the gravy down yet. She seemed ok with my answer. We also talked a bit about her being Acadian because I told her Jean was. She was born on the east coast as well.

Patty and I have both agreed that we don't want anything big with the wedding. We are just going to have it at her aunts house with just Patty's sons and aunts. I'm also going to ask Paul and Dimples if they would like to come over and Lelaine of course !!!. As for decorations we told the aunt just to leave the Christmas ones up. She wasn't going to decorate but her son said if hes driving all the way out here she better have a damn tree and some decorations. Well hes going to be sorry because shes gone out and bought a ton of the tackiest decorations you have ever seen. The place is looking pretty good but by the time shes done it should be funny. So Patty and I said we will keep with the tacky idea for the wedding. We are just going to have fun that day no big dress up thing. Here is our most recent picture together.

Don't let someone drunk take pictures with your camera if you want a clear shot.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The snow is gone !!!

Well the snow is gone and our normal winter weather has returned. Plus 6 range and partly sunny days. Except where the snow was piled up in Nanaimo there is hardly a trace.

Patty and I are trying to arrange our wedding for the 31st of December. We had made it the 17th because a couple people were interested in comming out for it and that was a date we had decided would not interfere with Christmas. But since no one is going to be here we have gone back to the date we had talked about at first. I have been pretty much living in Duncan with Patty and her family. Things just keep getting better and better. Patty truly appreciates the way I treat her and pays it back 10 fold. I can honestly say I'm happier than I have ever been.

Still working on the job search in Duncan. Had a line on a job driving truck to Calgary but went in for an interview and they wanted more experience because of the mountain driving. They said to check back in the new year to see if anything is available in the factory. My foreman is going to put in a call to a buddy of his that works for Pacific Energy. They build woodstoves and ship all over the world. Funny thing Patty has a cousin that works for them and I went looking for the place after my interview yesterday and couldn't find it. Its about 45 minutes to work from where I'm living which isn't terrible but the night shifts suck. 4 ppl have quit in past 2 weeks going to other jobs. They don't know how to treat employees to make the good ones stay. The foreman likes me cause he knows any position other than building I can do. I can build the small stuff but can't jump up and down on the tables to build the bigger trusses. I was on one saw last night and a different one the night before and drove fork lift the first night. Also if the foreman goes up to the other shop he asks me to watch the other sawyers and help when I can. I know the saws better than him.

On a last note I got an email today with a photo of what our football rings are going to look like. Now the one shown is the Head coaches so of course its going to br thousands of dollars but ours will look simular but alot cheaper...maybe even plastic LOL. Normal ones will probably be sterling silver and a couple cubic Z'sss. Here is the photo I received today.


Friday, December 01, 2006


Well it was another snuggle day as I drove to work last night and the place was all locked up. There was one other employee standing out front looking as confused as I was. It was a pretty nice night out concidering. Was around zero, no snow or rain so not sure what was up. I drove the other guy home at 11pm (time we start) then off to Duncan to surprise Patty. Shes been napping and I've been playing on her laptop. Going to try and post a couple pictures since its been a while. The first picture is of Hailey who would be Patty's second cousin or daughter of her cousin. The next picture is of Patty's son Ben and the third picture is Patty and Hailey.