Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cst Sarah Beckett

         On April 5th 2016 I was babysitting Jack as usual. I like to get him out for some fresh air and I can get some exorcise. We usually go up to see his dad at work then we go get fries at KFC because Jack [and I] love our fries! On that Tuesday we were heading up Goldstream ave and part way up it was all blocked off. Someone said there had been an accident. We had to take a different route and we came out at Peat rd  but it was all blocked off as well. You could see across the intersection and there was a smashed up police car and a truck sitting there. The drivers side of the car and door were really damaged. I knew it was a bad accident and serious injuries had to have happened. The weird thing was the area the accident was the roads are all 30km so speed had to be a contributing factor.

        We had to back back track and finally made our way to Adams work. I mentioned the accident to Adam and someone in the store said he heard it was a female officer and she had been killed. It was kind of a sad moment to hear that she had died. When information started coming out for some reason it hit me kind of hard. She was the mother of two young children and hadn't been back to work too long after being off on maternity leave. Now it's sad when any one is killed in an accident but a young mother that was only on the streets cause it was her job was truly a sad situation. I still havent heard what exactly happened and if any charges were layed. The driver of the truck was released without being charge but we were told it was still under investigation.

      By the time Jack and I got back to his street which is where the police station is, there were lots of flowers around a statue that is out front of a female officer and a little girl.

     I just felt like I had to pay my last respects to this young mother who had died in this tragic accident. I had heard they were going to have a big funeral at the Q center arena on the following Tuesday so I thought I would go to it after I baby sat Jack. They had closed off a major road so I took a bus that got me close. There were lots of people lined up the street to watch the procession. The day was wet but the rain held off for most of it. There were hundreds of police from across the country and from other countries as well as military personnel. It took a long time for them to pass by and then file into the arena. I walked down to the arena and got to stand with the news reporters and watch the casket get taken out of the car and into the arena. It was a surreal experience that I wont forget for a long time.

Constable Sarah Beckett

May 19, 1983  -  April 5, 2016