Sunday, May 24, 2009

A visit with Gwen

Saturday morning we got a call from Mary asking if we wanted to have a picnic with them. So Patty Ben and myself got our stuff together and jumped in the car. Albert could have came but he said no then as we had what the 3 of us needed all ready he said maybe he would go. I told him he should have said yes earlier. Id rather them say yes they are going and then if they change their mind they can but they say no cause it sounds lame to them then they realize that what they are doing is pretty lame as well.

Anyways the 3 of us jump in the car and drive through the mountains on the way to Victoria. Just as you are coming out of the other side there is a park called Gold stream Park. We have been there a few times but this was our first picnic. We had a small BBQ and Ben did the cooking and we all waited for Gwen to wake up so we could play with her. She is getting soooo big now. Mothers day was the last time I had seen her but Patty has seen her a few more times. Patty comes home and tells me all the new things she can do. She screams just for fun or to get your attention. She scooches across the floor on her bum when you sit her up. She smiles she laughs and she plays patty cake. Of course only if and when she wants too!

After lunch was finished Ben put everything away in the car for us and we set out for a walk around the park. It was a beautiful day for it nice and warm and sunny. There were lots of people all out enjoying the nice weather. When we first started out Adam had Gwen but as we walked the trail he saw too many fun things to do so Mary took Gwen for a while. Adam climbed up this steep hill and when he got as far as he could I pointed it out to Patty and she yelled at him to come down. You know how moms are LOL. Then we wandered out onto the rocks by the falls. Ben tried to get as close to the falls as he could without getting wet and I saw a few photo ops.

We wandered back towards the park and Adam and Ben looked for more fun places to climb. They saw a log they wanted to try and slide down but it was a lot harder than they thought it would be to climb up and very slippery. Adam made it up pretty far but had a small tumble on the way down. We made sure he wasn't hurt and had a little chuckle about it. We wandered around the park for a while chatting and taking pictures and then headed back to our cars for the trip home.

Patty Ben and I decided to stop in Cow Bay to get an ice cream at the Udder Guys ice cream store. Cow Bay is always busy but we lucked out and found a parking spot pretty close. It was a cute shop with lots of old memorabilia and they sold lots of old style candy that we used to get as kids. The ice cream was delicious and we sat out on their balcony looking at the ocean while we ate it. Of course I was the only one to make a mess of it getting it in my beard and mustache and I even knocked it off the cone onto the table but picked it up so fast the clock hadn't started on the 3 second rule.

When we got home last night we just relaxed and watched the UFC on pay per view. The title fight was everything we expected but the fight I wanted to see the most didn't live up to expectations although Matt Hughes did get his bell rung early in the first round and had to ask his corner if he had got knocked down cause he couldn't remember.

Well that's all for now I was surprised no one was bugging me for a post. Next week we are helping Adam and Mary move and I'm not sure what else is on the list but I will let you know. Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Long Weekend!

Well May 24 is here but not much going on. Patty and Albert are heading to Kamloops to visit family and friends. Ben doesn't want to ride in a car with Al for 6 hours and I have to work at Wal-Mart so the both of us will be in Duncan. I don't think I could do 2 hours in a car with Ben and Al let alone 6. This summer Patty and I will do the trip together. I enjoy the trip across BC lots of nice scenery with mountains, trees, lakes, small towns and the ocean at the start of the trip. Patty's family and friends are all nice and Kamloops is a nice looking city and they have the wildlife center I like to visit. Merritt is ok but I think it was once a better place than it is today. Last time we were there it was pretty run down looking with lots of closed up shops. There isn't much to the down town even Gravenhurst is better.

My scar is healing up pretty good. It feels good although I'm not 100% in some ways. Almost every day since the surgery I wake up with a headache and I never really had heartburn but every night I have it and it wakes me up and I have to take something for it. Just might be a part of getting old. I went to Vic Truss and told them I want to start back next week. They were glad I was ready. I don't really want to go back but I owe taxes of almost 2500 for the this year and a past year. Been keeping my head above water and don't owe anywhere else new.

Hockey is over for me don't really care about the other teams. Would like to see Chicago and Pittsburg in the final but it wouldn't be on top of my list to watch. Football is starting up. The Raiders got a couple vets back that took a year off to try college ball. Andrew Harris is trying out with the Lions and if he makes it they might have to be my official second team. Sask has always been that team but I've gone to some games out here and have met some players from the Lions and one person I know is already on the team.

Well I know its not much of an update but I needed to get something on here. Heading to Wal-Mart with the wife so gotta go.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Went to the Dr's the other day and he said everything looks good. They sent it away and its all clear. He said that it was just a big lump of fat and not just the normal type that most ppl get liposuction for an actual growth of fat. Then on the way home I got lunch and went home and ate it. It was a good healthy chicken wrap and home made soup. mmmmmm tasted so good until an hour later when it all came back up. Well not all of it cause a bit more came up a half hour after the first part had. Was afraid to eat the rest of the day but had a milkshake for supper and it stayed down. Not sure why could have been the flu but the cold I have must have hid the flu symptoms. Feeling a bit better today.

Going to see some live MMA fighting tonight. Shooting for the local paper in Nanaimo again. I don't get paid but I get a 200 dollar ringside seat and a photo I take goes in the paper with my name under it. That's pretty cool. Going to take one more week off work even tho I can't afford it. Want to be close to 100% when I go back. This weekend we have a bbq at Aunty's and Uncles Saturday then we are going out with Adam, Mary, Gwen and Mary's family for brunch on Sunday. Hope the Canucks play better Saturday. They played better than Chicago thursday night but got lazy and tried to sit on a 1 goal lead. Chicago got a goal in the final 3 minutes to tie then won in overtime! Was not happy about that!

Sorry it took so long to update Annette!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Medical update

Its been 2 weeks since surgery and things were going pretty good. I did get a cold in the first week and still have it. I got Patty some Cold FX and she has been taken it and hasn't got my cold. Last Friday I went to my Dr about my bad shoulder and she took a look at my staples. She told me to watch for infection cause there was red spots where the staples were in my skin. The next day I woke up and the whole are was pink hot and sore. I went to the walk in clinic and he took out the staples saying they were causing the problem because they are a foreign object in me and the body was rejecting them. I've also had headaches and fevers off and on since Friday but didn't receive any antibiotics. I see the surgeon today at 10:15 and will update again.

See how swollen my stomach is !!! LOL