Monday, October 31, 2005


Don't know what it is about fireworks out here. Every holiday is cellebrated with shooting off fireworks. Drove Nikko crazy !! Listening to them now I'm glad he is not here to hear them cause I always felt so bad for him. Funny how things like that brings back memories. Anyways....Happy Halloween....send pictures !!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Long Post

The title of the post was Leafs Really Suck !!! But after I finished it I never said anything about how the Leafs Sucked !! losing 8-0 to Ottawa !!!

I'm watching the canucks game and decided to check out the seating for the hockey tickets I got. They are pretty good seats !! Worth $138.57 each !!! They are Section 104 Row 22 Seat 5 and 6. The exhibition game I think I was in section 312 very close to the roof. I can't wait !!!


I also just checked out the score of the Football game between South Fraser Rams and the Edmonton team. The winner goes to Ontaro to play their champ. I was going to go to the game but being a 7pm start there would be no ferry home. It would be an expensive trip. It's 17 - 3 for edmonton at the moment. (damn electric heat I just got a nose bleed and had to run to get T paper)

Had a good night last night. Played xbox with the guys from work till 1am ate pizza and drank pop....they drank beer. Got up early and went to help Paul move Aunt Gladys into his place. Plus got to say goodbye. It's going to be a bit more emotional leaving here than I thought. Going to miss this place and some of these people.

Ok update on the bitch P.R. from the Raiders. We had the banquet the other night for football and overall it was a great night. After 2 emails to the bitch I was told ...thursday, 6pm, Beben Park. So I get dressed up and go to the banquet and was greeted by most of the players very well. I get along with all of them. So its getting to dinner time and because I came in the back door I didn't realize there was a seating plan so had to go check in at the front door. Only problem is I'm not on the seating plan. I was pissed to begin with for not getting a proper invite. I see the B and ask her and she says "really? I thought I had you on there". She said if need be they will try and make room at her table which is front and center. I went up front and found my own damn seat with people I really like. The trainers and physio therapists. So the dinner was fantastic !!! I had so much there was no room for desert !!! The night is going along great and they are giving out awards to the players. The coach takes time to say some thanks before the owner gets up for his thing. The coach thanks alot of people for their help including everyone at the table I'm at except for me. He goes on and on and says I know I'm forgetting some people but I don't have time to talk about everyone. Then a player (Jaiden Smith) says hey coach what about Kevin ? Coach says who ?? Then a few players shout out Kevin. So the coach says oh yeah where is he...I'm probably second person closest to him. I don't remember what he said but he said something about me doing a great job on the site but not enough pictures of coaches. Oh and he thanked me for the pictures I gave him of his son which I knew he loved and I gave them to him to show him I'm not an asshole like he is. Then the owner gets up and gives a speach and calls some people up and gave them plaques to thank them. When this one guy goes up to get his award I duck out to take a pee. Next thing I know a player comes in while I'm washing my hands and he says Kevin get out there Hadi is calling on you. I missed everything he said about me but I had to go up on the stage and he gave me this...

Fan 002b

I really never expected anything because I know the B ordered all the trophies. Then the players started yelling speech speech and the owner pushed me up to the mic. I hate talking in front of groups. I said a quick thank you to Hadi, the coaches, the players and their family for making me feel like part of the team and the close knit family that they all are. Then I rushed off the stage. Felt real good.

Then today I got this email....

Hi Kevin,

Thank-you so much for these and thank-you also for all of your amazing photos of the team. It was such an amazing first year for all of us and I want to thank-you for capturing the spirit, determination, and heart of this team in pictures so that we may all reflect back on this very special time for years to come! Your photos are beautiful, you are truly an artist!

Best wishes to both you and your family, your “Nanaimo family” looks forward to welcoming you home when you come back!


Last thing before I leave I just checked out the score of the football game and late in the 3rd it's 34 - 3 for Edmonton and the Canucks are winning 3 - 2

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Time is moving too fast and as usual I'm dragging my feet. I have so many things to do before next Tuesday and now I'm starting to get offers of going to Canuck Pay Per View Parties and such. This friday some guys from work are comming to my place with a TV and an xbox. We are going to hook 2 xboxes together and play a game simular to Delta Force on the Xbox. The Tv will split into 2 and teamates will both be on one Tv. We will play hockey as well and maybe also Forza racing. I said sure now I'm leaving you guys decide to do this!! Plus I've been hanging out with Cam a bit the foreman from work. We went to a party for Jake the other night then got up in the morning and played a couple hours of XBOX. Then I helped him install an above the Range microwave. He was going to hire someone to do it but after looking at it I said we could do it in less than an hour. Was close but then he didn't really have the proper tools. I've been walking the neighbours dog every night. Its kinda nice to be doing that again I miss it. Will be able to do that at Terry's place. Have found some things I never seen before. Here are a couple pictures.

Bowen Park 004b

This old cabin was originaly built in 1872

Bowen Park 009b

This bridge was built by the inmates and staff at the local prison. Thought Karl might like it LOL

Bowen Park 018b

This is my desktop picture

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Annette !!!

Hey Annette just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!! Hopefully the boys will take the time to show you this.

Love Kevin

Annette Santab


Pictures 165b

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Thanks Kris !!!

Well I guess my invite to the Gowers in Muskoka for Christmas is off. Karl called me today to tell me that they can only have one guest and Kris wants Geoff over me. That leaves me out. Guess I'll wander down to the Sally Ann and get a meal and be with other unwanted people of the world. Remember Scrooged ?? Might end up in the sewer like that guy with the watch !!! can't remember his name but I guess that's how it's supposed to be. Have a Merry Christmas Kris !!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Canucks Game

I will be leaving B.C. on a good note. I'm being laid off from work which will help with UI. I'm going to skip out of work early and head over to Vancouver because the owner gave me a pair of tickets to the Canucks Columbus game. His season ticket seats so I'm expecting good seats. I'm taking my foreman with me to the game beacause he has been a good friend and he is storring my junk in his garage. I'm going to his place to dog sit tomorrow night. He has a neat dog although it's one of the smaller breed dogs. Step up from a Jack Russel, apparently they got the Jack Russel from whatever this dog breed is. He is going over to a Xbox video game pre release party. His bro or bro-inlaw has worked on this new war game and they are having a party and allowed to bring family in to try it. EA from EASPORTS fame is going to be there. Free food, free booze and lots of other free stuff. Sounds like fun. I got a new cell phone and will post my new number on here before I leave. Its a 905 area code. I probably won't go back to a land line. Well Canucks won...again !!! Time for bed.

Had the Ultrasound today I guess it went ok. Will see my Dr next week.

Last note...anyone seen Alice around ?? I don't allways see her online but I havn't even got an email asking ... " where are ya?"

Goodnight....or goodmorning cause most of you will be in bed now.

Check very bottom of my blog !!!

I added something down the very bottom of my Blog I think you will like !!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ultra sound tomorrow...I'm not pregnant !!!!

Just got in from work and got a msg from my Dr's office. They got me an appointment at some clinic for my ultra sound. He wants it done quick cause he knows I'm going to Ontario in a couple weeks and wants to see me a couple times before I go to make sure I'm ok. Hes a good Dr although he is never on time with his appointments. But he asks lots of questions and takes lots of notes so it seems like he actually cares. I'd like to see those notes some day. Probably drawings of stick people hanging themselves LOL. Ok thats all for now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

No meds given LOL

Went to see the Dr. after work today. He is sending me for an ultrasound but says in his oppinion it is nothing. Used a couple medical terms but it sounds like the same thing dad used to get under his arms. Dad had them cut out. It felt smaller today for some reason. Anyways I just got in so will try to post later

Monday, October 17, 2005


Well it wasn't a very good weekend for me at all. It actualy started off bad on thursday. I found a lump under my arm while in the shower. I tried not to think of it but it's hard not too. I'm pretty sure it will be nothing cause I think it's the same thing dad use to get under his arms. Just in case I see the Dr tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3pm. Then saturday I was all pumped up for football and that didn't work out the way I expected it to go. looking at the stats it should have been a blow out for the other team. But the defense had a bend not break system working cause they held the Rams to field goals every time they got in the red zone. A last second hail mary pass at the end of the first half was their only touchdown. The defense pretty much shut them down in the second half and if it wasn't for 3 interceptions in a row and I believe they only got 1 field goal from that. I felt bad for the players cause they all expected to kick ass and they were all pretty upset after the loss. The third thing was hearing that dad has to start chemo soon cause the cancer is worse. Terry had told me he was having trouble with his arms and was getting tested but I was thinking it was going to be bad news. I actualy thought it was this comming week he went but it was last week. Dad didn't seem the same when we were talking on the phone. I got a nice picture in the mail today of them on the ship. It's a really good picture of dad. I did some packing today and if I do a little every night it shouldn't take long. If I didn't have problems with the truck I would tell work I'm leaving a week earlier but don't think I'd be ready. I'm getting my cell phone set up next weekend with a Hamilton number. the following week I'll have my land line shut off.

I gotta say I'm not sure about doing the web site for the Raiders next year. I'll be a fan and do my fan site but I didn't get much support from the coach or the promotions bitch. I did a slide show up for the banquet but F them. I'm not giving it to them now. I had told the bitch I was doing one but now shes got some pictures and is trying to do something. The stupid bitch called about renting a projection TV for the banquet and the team owns 2 of them. I was trying to tell her the team had them and she like what I want is this and I wanted to say shut the F up bitch it's exactly what we got. Plug a vcr, dvd, or a computer into it and point it at a big blank wall. If it wasn't for the players I would have quit a while ago. I'm going to talk to the owner after the banquet. Let him know exactly how I feel. I bet I won't get an official invite to the banquet from the bitch. She'll say oh I thought someone else would have told you. Main reason I want to go is to take a white raiders t-shirt and get all the players to sign it. Oh well its almost all over. Sorry about the partial swearing LOL. Here is a picture of Jake at the game.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Raiders lose close one

Well I'm affraid to say that football season has come to a sudden end. I honestly believed we could win the B.C. Championship. It was a hard fought battle and the one thing we were lacking all year was what did us in. I'm not saying it's all his fault but we had a rookie quarterback that was rated the lowest in the leaugue. Once the Rams shut down our running game we were finished. Late in the fourth quarter we had a few chances but we threw 3 interceptions on 4 passes. Then the backup Q.B. came in and his first pass was intercepted. There were alot of tears after the game but this is a first year team. And if everyone who is eligible to play comes back next year we will only lose 2 players. I am truly gratefull for getting a chance to be a part of this team. It was a great experience !!! Thanks Tara for taking an interest in something that I love out here. The final score was 20 - 14 for the Rams.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Robert

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday. Sorry I don't have any recent pictures of you but its been a few years since I last seen you.



Another Click here

This is the place to go if you want to listen to any of the V.I. Raiders football game Saturday. Should be a good game and a good crowd. Tomorrow there should be a link in the playoff box to click on and it will bring up windows media player and you can listen to a live broadcast of the game. If you love me or even just like me you will give it a try, even if only for a few minutes.

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Click here !!!

I've told you all about the young guy I worked with that broke his neck playing football. Well he gave a short interview to the newspaper and told them he was coming to the playoff game this weekend in Nanaimo. I hope you will all click on the title bar (it's a link) and read the short article on Jake. If that doesn't work you can copy and paste the following but the link should work I tried it.

I'm pretty excited for this team I think they have a good chance to win this game. It's a 1:00pm start Pacific time of course. I'll put a link here in case anyone wants to listen to a bit of the game. All the games are broadcast on the internet. This team came along at a good time for me. Has kept me very busy.

Take care

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hey out there

First off...where is Christmas get together this year in Muskoka ????

Still a little under the weather but I went to work today. Was a nice day out there. It is supposed to rain for the rest of the week not looking forward to that. About 3 weeks left at work. Looks like I'm going to try and sell the truck cause it's been sitting too long and I'm having trouble getting it started. Worried that there may be a bunch of minor things that have to be fixed on it. The car runs real good and will be way better on gas any ways. I'm not bringing much to Hamilton with me, Clothes cameras and computers. If the Football team wins the next 3 games I hope to be home before the Ontario Championship game and will get the owner to just get me a hotel room where ever the team is staying in Ontario. I'll meet them at the game. Hopefully it will be Windsor so it's not to far from Hamilton. It's funny when I type Hamilton cause I sometimes think I should be typing home but to be honest Hamilton has not been my home in a very long time. 1989 was the last time I lived there. Gotta admit it was pretty good times with dad and me living together. We got along pretty well as far as I remember. I sent him on that trip out west and while he was gone I carpeted the apartment. And we had terry's cat Cujo. That was a nice cat as far as cats go and I use to really tease that cat and dad use to get mad cause it still came to me more than him and he fed it. I use to be sitting watching tv and the cat would be walking along minding its own bussiness and I would grab dad's lighter and toss it near the cat and scream BOOM !! The cats back end would fly about 4 feet in the air. I swear if it was in front of the tv it's back end was as high as the top of the tv. Then it would come over and end up snuggling with me on the chair. Dad said it was so it knew I couldn't scare it anymore. That was one big cat too. I would have to say it is one of my favourite cats although I don't really remember any of the tippy's we had but have seen pictures of me with them. I remember a cat mom had names Amber that was a pretty nice cat. Rob and Mike had a cat called Norbert I think it was as strange as them LOL. Boy I'm all over the place with this post. Just wanted to give an update and post a picture of the Puppy from next door cause I havn't posted any pictures in a while. Terry came on and I never even noticed and I was sitting here waiting for her LOL.

One last thing...I went to my boss' for dinner and it was excellent. His wife knows how to cook a turkey !!! They gave me tons to bring home as well. Was home in bed befor 10pm Felt pretty good that day then got up Monday morning and drove to Paul's. Only stayed about 3 hours cause all of a sudden I felt ill again. Came home and crashed on the couch. Well thats all for now and here is the picture I talked about.

dogs 018b

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Just a little shout out to all my peeps....just because someone says they are allways awake early doesn't mean they want to have to get up out of bed to answer the phone around 5:30am. Awake and up and about are 2 totaly different things. You know who you are and the thought was nice but just because it's too wet to go golfing it will still be too wet at say....8am Ok thanks for listening now go back to your sunday things that you normally do. I used to get up and crank on the Beatles and do a bit of housework, not much housework has been done around here lately LOL. But now for some strange reason it's Johnny Cash I'm cranking up. Sunday morning comming down and such LOL. I guess talking about it in a previous post didn't help but I had done it a couple times before that. feeling ok today...not great but ok. Bet if I started somehousework I'd go back to being ill LOL. Baked a cheesecake last night to take to my boss's house for turkey dinner today. Looking forward to it !! Ok I'm going to attempt to do some cleaning cause being sick the past few days there are lots and I mean lots!!! of popsicle wrapper laying around. I just coppied 3 disks full of pictures of Barb and the kids and will drop them off at her dad's this week. I havn't seen him since the breakup so I hope he don't hit me LOL. I had seen his wife and she said don't be a stranger. I told her I'd get her a copy of all the pictures because they never seen many. Her mom and stepdad did. Not sure if I'll make them a copy. He didn't think it was right without me asking Barb for permission but I told him they are my pictures so I don't really need permission. She has most of them any ways.
Oh and Alice have you noticed after I say goodnight when we chat I don't say no more. I know you need the last word and I usually get 3 or 4 msg's after we both say goodnight. I read them I just don't reply LOL

later all Happy Gobble Gobble again !!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Toronto lost again !!!

Still sick but had to let you all know that Toronto lost again !!! LOL

Ok Ok Vancouver didn't make out too well tonight either....damn shootouts LOL

Happy Gobble Gobble !!!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Still Sick

I had planned to go to work today but it never happened. Woke up around 4am having trouble breathing cause my throat was so sore. Started thinking maybe it was strep throat. I got up and had a few popsicles that made it feel better and went back to bed. Got up at 6am phoned work to tell them I won't be in. Around 10am I was feeling pretty good so thought I might just take a shower and go to work. After my shower I got dressed but started to feel dizzy and ill again. So I crashed on the couch playing Xbox and watching TV. Throat is still a bit sore and I'm sure I have a fever but feeling a wee bit better. I hate missing work and especialy when I'm not enjoying it LOL.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Leafs in basement !!!

I know I's only the first game but looks good on the leafs. I try to like them but I just can't. Even tho they are dad's team I still can't cheer for them. Especialy now since they got Eric Lindros. He is my least favourite player in the whole league!!! I'm not much of an Ottawa fan either but I like Spezza and I like Heatly. Two guys I watched in the JR hockey tournament a few years ago. The shootout was interesting but another rule kinda surprised me. If you ice the puck you can't make a line change... I think thats a great rule! There didn't seem to be too many whistles which I did notice when I went to the game last week. Play seems to go on and on. Canucks won Leafs lost making Kevin a happy boy.

Except I'm ill again. Kinda flu like symptoms with cold like symptoms with alzhiemers like syptoms with west nile like symptoms..... well anyways I just feel crappy. Couldn't sleep, kept a bucket close by in case but never did use it. Did use the toilet a few times, should have taken a picture to keep up with Karl's blog. I took a picture of the neighbours new puppy and if I feel like it I'll post later. 6 week old boxer pup. It is sooooo cute. Well I'm off to get something for my throat. Then back to bed or couch and Xbox.

I might be back later

Sunday, October 02, 2005

HAPPY 5 0 Alice !!!!

Hey Alice just wanted to wish you a VERY HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY !!!!!!

Love Kevin




Home safe and sound !!!

Ok I listened to Alice but if I had seen Karl's post that might have been better for me. I didn't sleep in my car but instead slept on a bench in the Ferry terminal. Newspaper over your face does help by cutting down the light and muffling noises. Wasn't easy getting to sleep cause all the wierd characters roaming around in the middle of the night. I'm starting to think that parents throw their ugly kids out on the streets and they have no chance and just keep getting uglier and lurk in dark places. In fact I feel a little uglier today so I'm not turning any lights on even tho its dark cause of the overcast skys.

It was a pretty good time yesturday. Met a couple players heading over then went to meet the coaches and owner and we had breakfast. We walked down to the sky train and took that to Surrey and then caught a bus to the park. It was a good game very close all the way. Surrey or South Fraser Rams as they are called lost to the Okanagan Sun. That means if we beat South Fraser in the first game of the playoffs and Okanagan beats Vancouver then we go to Okanagan for the finals.

I talked to the coaches about what the player said about Burlington and thats is not exactly true. The team that wins the Ontario devision holds the championship game. Right now Windsor and St. Leonard are on top and well I just checked and Burlington sucks LOL. No chance for Burlington. I'll have to find out where St. Leonard is. But that of course means we have to win the next 3 games and rumour is the Pacific Conference is allways the toughest teams to beat. Not sure where St. Leonard is but if need be I'll find out.

Ok here is something else I did yesturday on my own. Instead of going to the B.C. game I went to......

Canucks 117b

Canucks 133b

Canucks 076b

I walked next door to B.C. place and got a ticket to see the Canucks beat up the Oilers. The seats were high (as I always seem to get) but you could follow the puck pretty good even with my bad eyes. I had a run in with security cause I had my 35mm camera with the long lense and was told I couldn't use it. I was told out side that it was ok but no video cameras. I managed to sneak a couple shots when he wasn't looking. I'll let you know how they turned out when I get them developed.

Ok so I didn't sleep at the ferry terminal. If I wasn't with the owner of the Raiders I might have had to do just that. I took the fast ferry over in the morning and they told me they were sold out for the trip home following the game. Which is the last ferry of the night. So I would have had to skip the game and gone home at 6:00pm or get a bus to the other terminal and catch the 9:00pm ferry. The owner had the coach call the fast ferry and get me a seat home after the game. The coach is an asshole but thats another story for another day.

Quick add on here... I just looked up St. Leonard Cougars and they are in Quebec near Montreal I believe !! Go Raiders and Go Windsor !!!