Thursday, October 06, 2005

Leafs in basement !!!

I know I's only the first game but looks good on the leafs. I try to like them but I just can't. Even tho they are dad's team I still can't cheer for them. Especialy now since they got Eric Lindros. He is my least favourite player in the whole league!!! I'm not much of an Ottawa fan either but I like Spezza and I like Heatly. Two guys I watched in the JR hockey tournament a few years ago. The shootout was interesting but another rule kinda surprised me. If you ice the puck you can't make a line change... I think thats a great rule! There didn't seem to be too many whistles which I did notice when I went to the game last week. Play seems to go on and on. Canucks won Leafs lost making Kevin a happy boy.

Except I'm ill again. Kinda flu like symptoms with cold like symptoms with alzhiemers like syptoms with west nile like symptoms..... well anyways I just feel crappy. Couldn't sleep, kept a bucket close by in case but never did use it. Did use the toilet a few times, should have taken a picture to keep up with Karl's blog. I took a picture of the neighbours new puppy and if I feel like it I'll post later. 6 week old boxer pup. It is sooooo cute. Well I'm off to get something for my throat. Then back to bed or couch and Xbox.

I might be back later


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