Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Oh yay it's laundry day !!!

Just resting up a bit from work before I head out to do my laundry. I let it go as long as I can. I still have a day or two but might as well get it over with. Going to have some of the football players over Friday night to play Madden 2006 on the xbox and to let them see all the pictures I've taken from football games. Going to try and get some guys to go to the mainland Saturday for the Okanagan vs Surrey game. The winner of the game should finish tied with us on top but they had both beat us earlier on in the season by bigger scores than we beat them. That would mean they would get first. Some bad news from the league stand point but sort of good news for our team....the team we beat this past week is rumoured to have folded. They only had 22 guys show up for the game against us and I think 3 players had pretty serious injuries. We were off this week then we were to go play them again in their home town. I was looking forward to another road trip. One more thing while I'm on football....a player today told me he is pretty sure the Championship game is in Burlington Ontario where ever the F that is (in his words) It is in Ontario as far as I knew but I hadn't heard Burlington. That would be cool !!!!


At Thursday, September 29, 2005 5:50:00 AM, Anonymous mandy said...

that would be awesome if the game was in burlington...funny that most of the guys on the team have never heard of it....keep us posted

At Thursday, September 29, 2005 8:16:00 AM, Anonymous Tara... said...

That would be AMAZING Uncle Kev! Keep us posted on whats happeneing with that so we can make it to the game!! Can't wait to see you soon, I miss you!
Love you,


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