Sunday, October 02, 2005

Home safe and sound !!!

Ok I listened to Alice but if I had seen Karl's post that might have been better for me. I didn't sleep in my car but instead slept on a bench in the Ferry terminal. Newspaper over your face does help by cutting down the light and muffling noises. Wasn't easy getting to sleep cause all the wierd characters roaming around in the middle of the night. I'm starting to think that parents throw their ugly kids out on the streets and they have no chance and just keep getting uglier and lurk in dark places. In fact I feel a little uglier today so I'm not turning any lights on even tho its dark cause of the overcast skys.

It was a pretty good time yesturday. Met a couple players heading over then went to meet the coaches and owner and we had breakfast. We walked down to the sky train and took that to Surrey and then caught a bus to the park. It was a good game very close all the way. Surrey or South Fraser Rams as they are called lost to the Okanagan Sun. That means if we beat South Fraser in the first game of the playoffs and Okanagan beats Vancouver then we go to Okanagan for the finals.

I talked to the coaches about what the player said about Burlington and thats is not exactly true. The team that wins the Ontario devision holds the championship game. Right now Windsor and St. Leonard are on top and well I just checked and Burlington sucks LOL. No chance for Burlington. I'll have to find out where St. Leonard is. But that of course means we have to win the next 3 games and rumour is the Pacific Conference is allways the toughest teams to beat. Not sure where St. Leonard is but if need be I'll find out.

Ok here is something else I did yesturday on my own. Instead of going to the B.C. game I went to......

Canucks 117b

Canucks 133b

Canucks 076b

I walked next door to B.C. place and got a ticket to see the Canucks beat up the Oilers. The seats were high (as I always seem to get) but you could follow the puck pretty good even with my bad eyes. I had a run in with security cause I had my 35mm camera with the long lense and was told I couldn't use it. I was told out side that it was ok but no video cameras. I managed to sneak a couple shots when he wasn't looking. I'll let you know how they turned out when I get them developed.

Ok so I didn't sleep at the ferry terminal. If I wasn't with the owner of the Raiders I might have had to do just that. I took the fast ferry over in the morning and they told me they were sold out for the trip home following the game. Which is the last ferry of the night. So I would have had to skip the game and gone home at 6:00pm or get a bus to the other terminal and catch the 9:00pm ferry. The owner had the coach call the fast ferry and get me a seat home after the game. The coach is an asshole but thats another story for another day.

Quick add on here... I just looked up St. Leonard Cougars and they are in Quebec near Montreal I believe !! Go Raiders and Go Windsor !!!


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