Monday, October 17, 2005


Well it wasn't a very good weekend for me at all. It actualy started off bad on thursday. I found a lump under my arm while in the shower. I tried not to think of it but it's hard not too. I'm pretty sure it will be nothing cause I think it's the same thing dad use to get under his arms. Just in case I see the Dr tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3pm. Then saturday I was all pumped up for football and that didn't work out the way I expected it to go. looking at the stats it should have been a blow out for the other team. But the defense had a bend not break system working cause they held the Rams to field goals every time they got in the red zone. A last second hail mary pass at the end of the first half was their only touchdown. The defense pretty much shut them down in the second half and if it wasn't for 3 interceptions in a row and I believe they only got 1 field goal from that. I felt bad for the players cause they all expected to kick ass and they were all pretty upset after the loss. The third thing was hearing that dad has to start chemo soon cause the cancer is worse. Terry had told me he was having trouble with his arms and was getting tested but I was thinking it was going to be bad news. I actualy thought it was this comming week he went but it was last week. Dad didn't seem the same when we were talking on the phone. I got a nice picture in the mail today of them on the ship. It's a really good picture of dad. I did some packing today and if I do a little every night it shouldn't take long. If I didn't have problems with the truck I would tell work I'm leaving a week earlier but don't think I'd be ready. I'm getting my cell phone set up next weekend with a Hamilton number. the following week I'll have my land line shut off.

I gotta say I'm not sure about doing the web site for the Raiders next year. I'll be a fan and do my fan site but I didn't get much support from the coach or the promotions bitch. I did a slide show up for the banquet but F them. I'm not giving it to them now. I had told the bitch I was doing one but now shes got some pictures and is trying to do something. The stupid bitch called about renting a projection TV for the banquet and the team owns 2 of them. I was trying to tell her the team had them and she like what I want is this and I wanted to say shut the F up bitch it's exactly what we got. Plug a vcr, dvd, or a computer into it and point it at a big blank wall. If it wasn't for the players I would have quit a while ago. I'm going to talk to the owner after the banquet. Let him know exactly how I feel. I bet I won't get an official invite to the banquet from the bitch. She'll say oh I thought someone else would have told you. Main reason I want to go is to take a white raiders t-shirt and get all the players to sign it. Oh well its almost all over. Sorry about the partial swearing LOL. Here is a picture of Jake at the game.


At Tuesday, October 18, 2005 12:09:00 PM, Anonymous Tee... said...

You tell that bitch ! haha... well, I'm excited to hear that the time is getting closer that you will be back home! Keep us posted on the doc appointment...
love ya,


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